Controversial Music

Music is one of history’s largest treasures; music is the culture of many groups and individuals. Throughout the past 50+ years music has become a culture and a way of expression to many people. It has influenced people in good ways, but also in bad ways. In the past decade we have entered this new era of music, here almost half of the lyrics are violent or sexual. It is hard to find a good “new” song that talks about love, stories, humor, friendship, family, etc.

I am not saying that this is something that has only happened in the last decade or so, this is something that has occurred in the past for example “Suicide Solution” by ex-member of Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osborne, or NWA’s “F**k the Police”, Eminem’s “Kim” and “Used to love her” by Guns N’ Roses, and many more. But there has been in increase in sexual and violent topics within music in the past decade.

Ozzy Osborne’s “Suicide Solution” led him to federal court, due to a young boy’s suicide, parents found son dead while listening to the album that contained this song. Music does influence people; music motivates people and sometimes music influences people so much that they decide to act on the song/lyric.

In recent years I have noticed that most of today’s rappers, rap about women (sexually), money, drugs and violence. Most of the audiences to this music are youth; youth that look up to the artists and hope to one day obtain what they do. Different women day-to-day, piles of money on their beds and bathtubs (I noticed this in a few music videos that I watched), drugs (smoking marijuana, injecting, sniffing, other drugs) and brutality/violence within groups and so forth. Many of today’s youth want to implement these acts into their own life, meaning that they will do all that they can to obtain women, meaning that some will act on sexual assault or simply become a “player” and be with different women, without measuring the consequences of a sexual disease or child being brought into the world. Some want money that they look for an easy way to the money, which is stealing from those who work so hard to have what they have. Then we come to the use of drugs, drugs are constantly used and now more because music is empowering the use. Violence has increased, I am not saying that the music there is today is the cause of violence throughout the country, but if there is music implementing violence many people will take it into consideration because an artist that they admire is talking about it in their songs.

This has been a large issue in the Mexican community, with their genre of music called “corridos”. This is a popular narrative song and poetry form, something along the lines of a ballad. In the 1900’s when this genre came about the songs focused on oppression, history, daily life of peasants, and other social relevant topics. The song usually ends to a moral and farewell from the singer.

Also in the past decade, Mexicans in Mexico and the U.S. have encountered a large amount of new artists singing “corridos”, but theses aren’t your typical 1900s corridos these are about, drug trafficking, drug cartels, guns, kidnappings, sex, diminishing women and seeing them as an object (prostitution). These songs have become the songs of my generation, that I can’t stand and all I want to do is stop the music and guide this youth to pick something different and stop supporting this so called “music” that I simply call garbage.



This new era of corridos has definitely flourished, and has influenced many teenagers to want to be like these artists. I will be honest, I have encountered a few people who love this music and that they believe this is music, they love it so much that they become so influenced that they want to do and be exactly what they songs say.

Some of these artists that sing “corridos” have actually been killed, kidnapped or have had something bad happen to them by “actual drug cartels”, because they are depicting something that they aren’t and influencing others to believe that they are something that they aren’t either.

As an audience what can we do? I think it is best to not listen and not supports such “music” because; this can lead other people being influenced and possibly help about with this phenomenon of violent music. We can’t change everyone’s mind, but we can change a few ideas so that music like this isn’t sold and then leading normal civilians to pay an act of violence due to this.

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