There is no excuse



A common topic within the past year has been about race, specifically “white privilege”, at times I don’t fully understand what they means and at other times I understand it and I somewhat see it. Earlier this morning I read the case of Brock Turner, I’ve been keeping up with the media and all that crosses my head is how is this judge saying he will only have a “6-month sentence with an additional probation”.

This is not the first time I see something like this, for my Journalism capstone course, one of our assignments was to go to a courthouse and retrieve a closed case and retrieve all the information from it. I went to Milwaukee’s court house and retrieved a case regarding child pornography and the case regarding a missing women, both cases were for one person, whom after 2 years of trial was only found guilty for ONE count of child pornography, when there were almost 20 counts. Also, he was the last person to see the missing woman, and he was not found guilty. All that he received was probation, house arrest and no Internet access.

After viewing this persons case, I had nightmares, I kept thinking how can someone like this still be out, this person should be in prison this is a crime. I spoke to various classmates, all of different ethnic backgrounds and they thought they same thing, “I’m sure if he was Hispanic or African American he would have been in prison, within less than 6 months after the first trial.” This person was an IT, he had something going for himself like many other statements in the trial said. Well, what if he was Hispanic or African American, would the jury think the same, would the judge think the same? I believe not.

Today’s trial with Brock Turner is the same thing; he sexually assaulted this woman, both under the influence, but without her consult. HE changed is story, this woman is traumatized, this woman has also lost her self and she had a lot going for her. Drinking alcohol is not a crime; sexually assaulting a person is, especially if the person is unconscious.

Is it because he is enrolled in one of the most prestigious schools in the country, in the world? Is it because he is Caucasian, is it because he is a swimmer looking into swimming it the Olympics, or is it because he has a lot going for him? I believe these are all the reasons why he is only sentenced for 6 months; this is why he is only under probation.

This is not right, a crime is a crime and each crime has a sentence and no matter who you are, what you are or what you do, everyone needs to pay the same price. This is why so many women, kids, and even men stay quiet when sexually assaulted, because the law never concludes what the law really is.

Many people abuse their power and sexually abuse, many take advantage of their advantages in life to sexually abuse, and it should not matter the melanin in your skin, or the school you attend, the job you obtain, everyone should pay the price because a crime is a crime.

The media has been on top of this news, even Buzzfeed wrote an article regarding this topic. This has become national news, and this will become an international news, this will lead to protests and so much more. As a community and as citizens of this country, we know our rights, but also as citizens we must live up to the consequences of a crime, because this was never a mistake, alcohol didn’t make anyone do anything. The alcohol was not the reason, because like I stated before, drinking is not a crime.

I strongly believe this is where “white privilege” is depicted, very loud and clear. I am a person who sees the best in everyone, but I am very sure if this Brock Turner was Hispanic or African American, this case would have been closed with 20+ years of sentence. This is not fair, to the victim and to other victims around the country.

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