Leon’s Frozen Custard -Milwaukee

Leon’s Frozen Custard Drive-In, in Milwaukee’s Southside was on the new’s spotlight with the last few weeks. When Leon’s owner, changed the rue of language at the drive-in. He said that employee’s were not allowed to speak Spanish to non-English speaking customers. This definitely sparked up a controversy, and Facebook became everyone’s diary/journal.

People were saying “Yay to the change” “this is America speak English” “My grandparents came from such and such country and were forced to speak English”.

First off, America has over 20 countries, less than 5 actually speak English. Secondly, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA does not have an official language; therefore anyone can speak the language that they want. This country has over 100 languages, and no one has complained since. In college, most careers require that students take on a foreign language, meaning that professionals know that in a professional life you will be interacting with others rather than English speakers. Also, we are not back in time where schools, forced one to speak English. We are now in a country that offers, foreign languages, offers bilingual schools and language immersions. We have foreign doctors who speak the minimum English, yet obtain great positions in great medical institutions.

I read one of the most ridiculous comments that stated, “everyone needs to speak English so I know what they are saying and if they are talking about me, or planning against me.” my first thought was, then why leave your house if you want to know if someone is planning something against you, I mean such planning could also be done in English.

My thoughts to this was heart-breaking, the Southside of Milwaukee is home to so many Hispanics and Polish families, this was a family and friendly place to go and now it has turned into something that I honestly don’t want to step foot near again. Once again, social media was the reason the issue arouse as high as it did, this could have been an issue that could have been solved iwthin the community, rather than showing more hate. Doesn’t the owner understand that this will and has brought the business down?leon-s-frozen-custard

Does social media ruin it for businesses like this? For example if rating sites or comments on businesses didn’t exist would people know the beliefs and thoughts of the owners who run their favorite spot? Is social media becoming more of a way to protest/boycott rather than doing it outside the business or simply finding an organization, like LULAC (Latinos Civil Rights Org) to help them control and fix the issue?

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