Common lives vs famous lives

AP_565728563870-676x450 (1)In 2014 my home country encountered what is one of the most controversial moments in in history they disappearance of 43 students from the Ayotinapa Rural Teacher College. These students have been missing for 2 years now, without a trace and without any news from the federal government.

According to official reports the students were on their way to Mexico City to protest against the government back in their state. During the journey, local police stopped the busses and began to shoot, killing various students and leading to the disappearance of 43.

Back home, everyone believes that this was an act of the government that this was something that the government had planned to do to stop these students from protesting. I believe it. The Mexican government is with these crimes that lead to nowhere. There reason for this blog is because, just this past weekend, Mexican professional soccer player Alan Pulido, was kidnapped on the night of Saturday May 29th, he was said to be kidnapped by local drug cartels but early Sunday morning, May 30th, the professional soccer player had been rescued.

If this is not the biggest act of corruption that I have known about then I do not know, what else could be. These are not only my thoughts but these are the thoughts of many Mexicans back in Mexico and many of them throughout the world, how is it that such a beautiful destination country has such corruption.

What I keep questioning myself, how is it that one person was found in less than 24 hours, but it has taken 2 years for a simple response to the disappearance of 43 students. Why has our government put so much more attention to the professional life rather than the common civilian life. I question myself, will my president care for my disappearance or would the disappearance of a famous actress be more important.

These are questions that I ask myself on a daily basis and I question myself as well, how is it that such a situation like this passed weekend was such a big deal, everyone wanted answers and everyone one got their answers. Is the life of a famous person more important, or is the live of everyone important? To this government it all depends, who has more money to give up, who has more money to bring to the table, and who will have larger influence? Someone who is already in the public eye, or someone who isn’t visible to everyone else.

It is astonishing to me how such a situation has been brought up, and has not been controlled. Everyone on social media, was praying for Pulido’s freedom, but no one besides civil rights organizations were the one’s who still are fighting for the return of not only these 43 students but of the many innocent people that have been kidnapped and possibly killed by now. It takes a cold hart to do such a thing, it takes a lack of comprehension and lots of ignorance, my country seems to be going down rather than increasing in its government. As the people, we should be able to receive answers, not just small ideas.

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