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Everyone needs change, and so does a blog site. I didn’t do much changes to mine because I thought it was an appropriate design at first, but then looking closely I decided maybe that I did need to make some changes.

Professional. I think that when it comes to blogging one must be professional in order to have a better audience and in order to have the same readers come back. For example if my blog was cluttered and full of information, some people would probably not even want to stop and read, due to the idea that it is to much or there is to much going on.

For example when I read any site, or go to a site, I make sure there is lots of information but not to the point where I will be very confused. It is important to know that as a person who is creating something for an audience that one must add a bit of what the audience wants, and I think a clean website with less clutter or mess is a lot easier and will make the audience come back, and possibly even recommend more people.