Databases, my favorite

Yeah, I enjoy databases, weird right? The reason I like databases is because I like to know, I like to compare and contrast and that is something that I hope to keep like for further projects or just for my own knowledge. It all began when I started watching criminal minds, I started looking up FBI’s Top 10 most wanted, I wanted to know why they were wanted, how much the FBI was offering or simply how long they were wanted for. After that I always started searching up “Top Tens” top ten songs of all time, top ten movies of all time, and from there I moved on to bigger things (not that I still don’t look up top tens, of random things I am interested in). But now I search up, how many U.S. citizens own a passports, how many inner city students attend college, how many people travel outside the US/year. Yeah, these are things that interest me I like to keep these number in my head for future references or for a future discussion. I strongly believe that these databases are important not only to keep track of numbers but to have a quick informative for people, less reading and more information that seems to be more factual than usual.


As a Journalism student, if I had more projects of surveying and collecting data, I would because there are so many things that I would want to know from the campus students and staff to information of my community. I guess I am meant to be a Journalist, I love to know and I love to investigate. ……. and databases have been my biggest  help when it comes to arriving to factual conclusions. DATABASES

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  1. Kyle Said,

    April 8, 2016 @ 1:29 am

    I love data too. I can easily get lost in it. It seems like there are no limits to what you can learn by mixing and matching data.

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