Coding, oh the struggle…

I remember in middle school in my 8th grade “technology” we learned how to code from scratch. It was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. My teacher at that time wanted us to great an “about me page”, the best part was that MySpace was a thing at that time and everyone want to create something along the lines of MySpace. But not me, I just wanted it to have information about me, pictures, links and the colors I wanted, but that was it. (If I could find my webpage, I would totally look it up right now.) Well let me not tools_html_codingforget to mention that this was a 2-hour class, yeah-unbelievable right? I remember that the most difficult part for me was getting the forward/backward slash correct. There were times where you HAD to only use one, but which one? That was the hard part, and guess what such a simple task really didn’t get me far.

Growing up I came to realize the importance of html and/or coding, I came to the realization that coding is in everything that has to do with modern technology. When I began to enjoy the idea of Journalism, this was when I opened my eyes directly towards the idea of coding, because as a Journalist I wanted to have my own webpage, with my face and my news. It is important to understand that this isn’t an easy task, and what is important is to practice practice practice!!!

Lets stop and think, without these awkward complicated codes we wouldn’t have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all that fun stuff. It is an amazing talent, and amazing thing to do and an outstanding career to pursue, you are the face of a webpage, you are the reason for a webpage and that, that’s pretty impressive.

During this coding assignment, I had various difficulties, that main one, Mac computers, the document I had to download, impossible to download and work from it. So my decision was, head out to the library, use a public computer and finish your assignment there. It is amazing to me that with all this coding, all this technology that surrounds me, my computer was unable to open a document and let me work off of it…. Maybe there needs to be some coding on Mac computers for better performance? Don’t you think?

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  1. Kyle Said,

    April 2, 2016 @ 11:26 am

    If you’re still having trouble getting the document, let me know. I’ve always thought of coding like learning a new language. Computers can understand English, but English is a pretty inefficient way to give a computer directions. Keep pushing yourself!

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