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Social Media, the reason everyone (almost everyone) get’s up in the morning. What do you usually do when getting up in the morning, do you get up and shower, then check your social media or do you get up and immediately run for your phone, tablet, laptop, etc to check what so and so was up to last night. It’s unbelievable the amount of people that have a Facebook. I currently work at a rsocial-media-imageestaurant, where I serve more elderly people on the daily¬†basis and over half of them are ADDICTED to this phenomenon of social media.

But what does social media do? Because since the day I signed up for a MySpace account, I was so excited but literally all it was, was drama. Drama with the middle school girls and boys, til’ this day that is how I personally view social media, as drama. No one can say, share, or post something with out some type of criticism, without someone being utterly¬†nosey.

So what’s that fuss? Why do we like it so much, why are we so intrigued by the idea of scrolling and scrolling and seeing the same things, every day!

Many people use it to quickly connect with their friends and families far away, other use it to obtain jobs, others to share their success and triumphs. But what about the people that are just there to judge, just there to talk $%@#, because that is what it is over half of the time.


But social media is important, it keep you updated to Trump’s latest insult, or to how Miss Universe wasn’t really Miss Universe. No one is every really out of the loop, but the problem is that social media has become the NEWS OUTLET for our generation, I know less than half of family, friends, accountancies that actually sit down to read a newspaper, or listen to the news on the radio or on the television. Everyone knows what happened because so and so said it over Facebook. But you never get the full story, for example this week it snowed in Mexico! WHAT IT SNOWED IN MEXICO?It sure did, and guess what I found out over Facebook, but the problem is until this day I still don’t know why it snowed, where exactly it snowed, the exact temperature or the problems it may have caused to lands, and fields and to the people. As you can see, these are not things that people post, either a bad or sad thing is posted. What should be the correct use for social media, is this what our generation is coming to,to only being able to connect via social media and less of face to face?



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  1. Kyle Said,

    March 12, 2016 @ 12:15 pm

    Is it possible that if people use FB as a news outlet that they might miss important news? FB is designed to show you things you’re interested in, which means it might not give you information you need…in favor of giving you information you WANT. What do you think?

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