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Spring 2016

We haven’t posted much this semester, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. Some new students have been training in on our system, we have been working with Kaliber ImagingĀ as they develop their system, and developing a small “art

Fall 2015 UWW MOCAP News

A lot has happened at our MOCAP Studio this summer. Most importantly, we added 3 new cameras to our configuration. With the help of support at Organic Motion, we updated the arrangement of our space and got the new cameras

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BVH Added To Current Released Data

Just a quick update, our current MOCAP data for Idle and Walk actions now include two file types: FBX and BVH. On campus our workflow is usually centered on industry software like MAYA. Some of our faculty also use opensource

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Our First Release – Idle Actions

We are excited to release a few of our captures! You could consider it a bit of a baby step… but we have plans to release more in the future! For now they are in the FBX format. We are

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