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Spring 2018 – May

Our studio is still moving along, despite our lack of posts on this website. The obvious reason for lack of posts is that most of us are very busy. In particular we have been busy working on several animation projects.

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Spring 2017 – February

We haven’t posted recently because we’ve been in between semesters and training new students. With the beginning of Spring, there are a lot of good things in the works. As everyone has been learning how our system works, we have

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Fall 2016

Although it isn’t over yet, our Fall semester has been very busy. Rather then describe everything in detail, here are a few links related to what we have been up to: The Body Electric Exhibition at Crossman Gallery Photos from

Spring 2016

We haven’t posted much this semester, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. Some new students have been training in on our system, we have been working with Kaliber ImagingĀ as they develop their system, and developing a small “art

Fall 2015 UWW MOCAP News

A lot has happened at our MOCAP Studio this summer. Most importantly, we added 3 new cameras to our configuration. With the help of support at Organic Motion, we updated the arrangement of our space and got the new cameras

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Spring 2015 End of Semester Add Ons

We’ve added a few more things to our library as the Spring 2015 semester has come to a close. Over the summer months we will be working on some upgrades to our capture studio. It is likely that we won’t

UWW Motion Capture Video Spot

A quick introduction to what we are up to in our MOCAP Studio. Thanks to everyone from Media Relations at UW-Whitewater!

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Hello World! The UWW MOCAP Studio now has a website. In the near future, the site will include downloadable motion capture data. We look forward to working with you!

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