Fall 2015 UWW MOCAP News

A lot has happened at our MOCAP Studio this summer. Most importantly, we added 3 new cameras to our configuration. With the help of support at Organic Motion, we updated the arrangement of our space and got the new cameras into the system. As we suspected, our capture capabilities have been greatly increased and we are now working on some new data sets to share here on our site. For example, this morning we got our first really clean Jumping Jack motions recorded and edited. You can find it in the new Active Actions page on this site. We will continue adding more as we go through the Fall Semester here in Whitewater.

In other news, Assistant Professor A. Bill Miller presented a short paper and video demonstration of some of his recent work at the 2nd International Workshop on Movement in Computing in Vancouver. The research is based on his creative experimentation with some of the data that we record that isn’t used in normal MOCAP projects. The title of the paper “Experimenting with Noise in Markerless Motion Capture” refers to use of MOCAP data that normally isn’t very practical to use, but is a byproduct of the way we have been stress testing and improving our capture studio.


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