Blog #3: Harley Davidson (STP)

28 02 2017

Please read the assigned chapter 9, and watch the below videos showing traditional Harley Davidson Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning: Kid Rock commercial and then watch the new Harley Davidson STP commercial. Markets may be segmented in many ways. In this post, we will consider the lifestyle psychographic segmentation as it relates to Harley Davidson.  For many years Harley Davidson focused on men older than 35 years old that wanted to be like Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider.

New Harley Davidson STP Commercial

Kid Rock and Harley Davidson

Now pick one of the four Haley Davidson Segments, targets, and positioning:

  • Men older than 35
  • Young adults (both genders 18-34)
  • Woman older than 35
  • Diverse (men & women, African American and Hispanic, older than 35)

Please post in 150 words or more on why do think Harley Davidson made the segmentation and targeting change after all these years? What kind of marketing vehicles (TV, Radio, Social Media, Mobile, Events…..) would you use now to reach the target audience you choice?  Why do think this would work. Due March 5th.

Blog #2: Levi’s, SWOT and Sustainability

2 02 2017

As part of our lecture on marketing strategy and plans a key element of the marketing process is conducting a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats analysis). This week we will look at Levi’s marketing strategy. You should also visit Levi’s Website  before posting on the blog.

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Blog #1: How many ads do you see in a day?

19 01 2017

Most people do not realize how many times marketing touches their lives in a day. As an experiment I would like you to keep a diary for the next three days.  Watch the video for instruction and post the following:

  • Keep a diary and count the number of ads you see in three days
  • Organize them TV, Radio, Print, On-line, Social Media and in-store.
  • How long did it take you to reach 50?
  • What was your favorite ad and why.

Blog # 1 Video

Welcome to UW-Whitewater Marketing 311-01 blog!

25 08 2016

As laid out in the Syllabus we will be posting marketing videos on this blog. It will require you review the video and make insightful comments. Please relate the video to the information we covered in class and your daily life.