Expansion of city library and proposal of stub lines

March 9th, 2016

WHITEWATER, WI- The Whitewater Common council met on March 1, to discuss the planning of a possible expansion to the Irvin L. Young Library, sewer among various other topics.

The city manager of the City of Whitewater Cameron Clapper, initiated the idea of the Irvin L. Young Memorial Library expansion plan that would be following the proposal and project that occurred in Platteville, WI.

The feedback from the rest of the city council reflected the ideas of the potential funding for the library, since the 25,000 sq. ft. project is estimated to cost $10,000,000. Cameron proposed there to be partners to succeed along with as well as the purse of public and private partner ship.

The plan also includes a hotel lease for seven years, and it would take up that amount of years with payments of $250,000 per year in order to be granted the new market tax credits. The market tax credits that provide incentives to investors for investments in community development projects. After the seven years pass and payments are done, the library has the possibility of being municipally owned.

One of Clapper’s main ideas during the proposal was to build on the idea of total cost of borrowing, the exact cost of lease payment and the location of the library. He suggested that the council reflected on the idea and kept and open mind to keep building on the idea and the project.

Clapper asked for the council to keep an open mind and to continue with ideas, as for Councilwoman Stephanie Goettel, whom immediately brought a bit of tension and negativity to the idea said that even though the library sounds like a great idea it is important to understand that it could not be as realistic. “I think that we have to be very realistic when something that sounds like the most incredible deal in the world because sometimes… it’s too good to be true.” Goettel said.

The council responded with the statements that this was more of ideas and open-minded comments rather than a set proposal.

The council meeting continued with the rejection of the high strength waste receiving station proposal. The council came up with two options, which include,

  • Build stub lines or
  • Contract with Baker Tilly to find a Joint Venture

The total cost of the proposal on building stub lines is estimated to be $431,100 with about $52,000 going directly towards the stub utilities. There has been contact between the council and Baker Tilly to further discuss the joint venture, which is probable to cover most if not all the funding for the station. The council did not reach a conclusion but will resume on the proposal on March 15 to come upon a final answer.

Regarding other topics that were discussed during the City Council meeting this past Tuesday:

  • The rescue squad’s request to purchasing a cot-loading device was denied
  • A contract with Great Lakes TV for televising, for pressure testing and sealing gravity mains was approved
  • The reconstruction of Center Street, Summit Street, Boon and George Street was approved
  • A house located on South Summit Street was damaged due to sewer back up, which flooded the basement in 2015, the claim was done by the renters of the house, city council also denied


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