Psychology of Pricing

YouTube Preview Image  Some interesting price psychology.  Comment on what you thought was most interesting AND a URL with example.  DUE March 29, 11:30 pm.

Where New Ideas Come From

Play this video and (1) Comment on what you though was cool, and (2) find an example in the cyber world, add URL and discuss.  150 words.  DUE MARCH 14, 11:30 PM.YouTube Preview Image

Brand and Positioning

Brand and Positioning: Marketing is positioning. Marketing is not branding. Building a brand is a strategy. As an example, Apple has done everything right, from a brand point of view.  THIS VIDEO TALKS ABOUT ONE BIG IDEA THAT SETS YOU APART.  Assignment, (1) think about your favorite brands — PICK ONE AND PASTE IN URL.  (2) Then relate your brand to this video.  (3) 150 WORD POST. DUE FEBRUARY 13, 11:30 PM.YouTube Preview Image


This video is a weird but cool way to introduce marketing.  View the video and (1) briefly discuss what you thought was most interesting AND (2) Find a URL of any type that fits your response to the first question.  ADD URL AND DISCUSS,  DUE JAN 23, 10 PM. YouTube Preview Image