Project Part 3

People can become reliant on the consumption of alcohol.  At young ages it is hard to tell when a person is just having fun or really has a problem. A close friend of mine seemed to be having more of a problem every time I saw him. He used to be known as the life of the party, but the party was becoming an addiction. It was too the point where when we hung out I couldn’t tell if he was sober or drunk.  Sometime down the road the truth finally hit, he had gotten away with driving under the influence plenty of times but this time he wasn’t so lucky. He had gotten a DUI and realized he needed help.

There are many rehabilitation centers, alcohol anonymous and substance abuse services available for those struggling with alcohol addiction. Rodgers Memorial hospital is one of the top facilities in the world substance abuse and we have five locations here in Wisconsin. The best advice for an alcoholic is to seek help and detox your body of the alcohol. Go into treatment and meet with those who share a similar problem as yours.

I would recommend enrolling in some sort of program that will help you contain/rid the addiction. Go to support groups and cut out the things in your life that make you depend on alcohol. Surround yourself with things that don’t have to contain alcohol.

Facility used to treat Addiction:




Project Part 2

Topical Project Part 2: #4-7

4. Pharmacology and Effects

Alcohol is taken through the mouth and travels down to the stomach through your bloodstream and the small intestines. Through the small intestines it travels to your liver where it is metabolized and broken down. Your liver can only take so much alcohol and is processed elsewhere including areas in the heart, which then pump into your vein. What makes your breath smell like alcohol is from when the alcohol is pumped through your heart to the pulmonary artery entering into your lungs.

Image of Body and the way it travels through the body:

Alcohol has a negative effect on the synapses throughout the body. Alcohol is a sedative because of the effects it has on the brain like the increase amount of dopamine. It also interferes with the transmission of information in the synapse causing poor or slow judgment. The psychological effect it has on the body is negative as well. Alcohol is known as a depressant, it can cause depression, anger, irritability and a loss of reality.

5.Causes for concern

Acute Toxicity can be detrimental to persons well being affecting vision, memory and other normal body functions. Alcohol poisoning can cause vomiting, unconsciousness and loss of memory along with many other negative symptoms.

Chronic Toxicity induced by alcohol can be any of the physiological effects listed above along with damage to the liver and kidneys and can affect functions in your brain such as memory.

Some people become dependent on alcohol because of the way it makes them feel. It can be used as a coping mechanism and turn into an addiction because it helps them to support their underlying problems. This can cause a lot of damage to a person’s social life including loss of friends, families and career.

6. According the Donald Hensrud at the Mayo Clinic Alcohol in very low doses  can be used to increase a healthy heart in people of all ages. One drink a day of any alcoholic substance is said to be okay for the heart as well but only in moderation.

7. Alcohol overall only has a positive effect while consumed in moderation. Binge drinking or heavy drinking is not good for the body and can cause many health issues.

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Project Part 1

1. Alcohol can be found in grocery stores, convenient stores, liquor stores, bars, gas stations, and a lot of other areas because it is legal in the United States if you are 21 when you are purchasing it. Many underagers will either have somebody they know that is older to buy the alcohol for them or just steal it when they are in these stores. Alcohol comes in a liquid form and is taken orally through the mouth.

2. Alcohol use dates all the way back to the stone age in ancient Greece and is still a popular drug to date. Although there can be many negative effects that come with alcohol it has been found that having a few alcoholic drinks in a week actually improves a persons health. Many people drink alcohol to take an edge off and to relax. Usually alcohol is drank in social areas like a bar or at a party.

3. In the 1980’s, the United States lowered the legal drinking age to 18 years old, but they raised it back to 21 because there were more fatalities and car crashes throughout the years.  According to recent surveys, alcohol is the most used drug in the United States and is becoming socially acceptable to drink regularly. I believe more teenagers are beginning to drink at earlier ages which is not good. Wisconsin is actually known to be one of the worst states for heavy drinking and binge drinking. According to a national survey more than half of the adult U.S population drank alcohol in the past 30 days being 5% of the population drank heavily and 17% of the population binge drank. From 2006-2010 there were approximately 88,000 deaths due to alcohol use.

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