Final Reflection

Good and effective teaching is a very detailed concept with a lot of components that many people do not realize. I know that before taking this class I was very uneducated on what truly makes a good and effective teacher. To be a good and effective teacher one must create a connection with their students in order to teach in a way that the students learn best. For example, some students learn better by hands on teaching, some learn better by listening (auditory) and some learn better by visual learning. As a teacher it is important to take these aspects into consideration. A good and effective teacher also much practice student-centered teaching and not strictly lecture the entire lesson. Student- centered teaching should be organized by using a lesson plan either by using backward design or another style. Student-centered teaching is very important for today’s classrooms because students are getting on the habit of just “getting by”, but student-centered teaching helps eliminate that by incorporating more student involvement and interest. A teacher must know where to draw the line between only lecturing in their classroom and encouraging students to participate and speak out during class. A good and effective teacher also uses technology in the classroom to educate their students, but not excessively. Technology must be used as a resource for students and can be used to add spice to the classroom. For example, videos and games are useful in the classroom to motivate the children, but the classroom needs hands on activities and learning styles other than just technology as well.

 My definition has changed since the conversation that we first had in class. Before taking this class I thought a good and effective teacher was one that was respectful and fun to their students, but also knew how to teach the material. After taking this class, I wasn’t completely wrong, but my definition expanded greatly after learning specific steps in doing so.

This class has helped me learn how to work with individuals specifically for speech pathology in many ways. A few that stick out to me include #2 from our syllabus “Teachers know how students grow”. This is important for a speech pathologist as well because I will be using therapy to assist the children on their speech delays and it will be important to track where they began, where they ended, and how they grew. This will be useful because I can learn through each patient and be able to see how they learn best and what doesn’t seem to help them much. Number 6 from the syllabus also stands out to me “teachers communicate well”. This is huge for speech pathologists because working with anyone who has a delay requires a lot of patience and the ability to communicate. I will consider this while working with my patients to assure myself that I slow down when speaking and clearly state the directions while with them. This course has helped me to understand these standards by bringing them to my attention and giving me ways to use them. Also by giving me videos ad activities to do to further my understanding.

The most significant thing I have learned this semester is the different ways one can learn. This is because each of my patients will be different and I will have to accommodate to them. Whether they learn best by visual, auditory, or hands on activities will be up to me to find out.

I will continue my blog by noting things that I find important for my future career and post them online so I never lose them and can easily access them when necessary. I will force myself to use technology more because I am not good at that right now, and it will benefit me in the future.

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  1. Hi Mariah,
    Before taking this class I was the same way, I did not know all the parts to being a good and effective teacher. I’ve always believed that creating connections with your students can help them succeed way more. I can remember all the connections I had with my past teachers, they could get me to think in so many ways that I never thought I could. It help me to have connections with my teachers, because it allowed me to trust them and trust that they were giving me the best advice on my work. These connections will bring the best out of your students in terms of school work, But you have to know where the line is between being a friend and authoritative figure. I am glad were able to to get a lot out of this class. Nice post!

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