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Technology impacts teaching and learning in both positive and negative ways. In today’s generation, technology is everywhere and it is very important for us as students to be aware of it and how to use it. For example, my 9 year old cousin already uses iPads in the classroom and at home, and she can honestly operate it better than I can. This is beneficial to her because often times she is playing educational games on it or doing activities regarding school. So, instead of dreading boring school work with a pencil and piece of paper (which she has to do also), she gets excited to use her iPad and do work on it, and most of the time she doesn’t even realize that she is learning through it which is good. Another reason I think technology is beneficial in teaching and learning is because of the mass amounts of resources we are able to access through the internet, such as; videos, articles, books, et. Throughout my college education I have enhanced my use of technology greatly, especially through D2L. Before coming to college I was terrible with technology and avoided it at all cost, I hated it. Now that all of my assignments are (for the most part) are posted online with attached online activities/videos needed in order to complete the assignments, I had no choice but to force myself to use it. I am happy about this because I am now more comfortable with using the internet and can access things easier and quicker.  I have always said that I would prefer pen and paper because it can avoid confusion and losing things through the internet, but as time has progressed I have come to appreciate technology more. I say this because I enjoy being able to complete my assignments and submit them right there on the spot instead of having to worry about handing them in the next day or a few weeks later in class. I also have major OCD about checking/calculating my grades and this is nice to be able to do through D2L, and as a matter of fact this is my first semester that I have encountered a teacher that does not use D2L and it stresses me out so bad not knowing what my grade is and not having the ability to see what needs improvement. Technology can negatively impact teaching and learning through the use of multitasking. Oftentimes students think that while they are doing homework or in class they can be on their phone and lap top and learn at the same time. This is proven to be a very big distraction and negative impact on students and their learning. This is shown through our Module 6 in class activity where we were asked to write a sentence and a number corresponding to each letter at the same time. For most of us it was nearly impossible, or caused us to be much slower while doing it and frustrated. This is because it is hard for our brains to physically do two things at the same time, which is why texting and driving is so dangerous. The only time I think a cell phone is good while learning is when you need a mental break and need a minute or two to take a breather and step away for a couple minutes. After researching I came across an article that explains negative impacts of technology in the classroom, and some of them I have not thought of before. For example, it is stated that “Many students learn best by physically and mentally interacting with what they are studying. If most of the teaching is done using a computer, these students’ needs are not being met” (Klaus). The concept of overuse is not one that I normally would think of because I feel as though technology is pushed so much in the classroom. After bringing it to my attention I completely agree that if children are strictly glued to the computer while learning, they will not properly store the information in their memories because of the lack of hands on experience and auditory action. I think this can be avoided by proposing an activity online or short video and then verbally go over it in class with an activity involving it as well.

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  1. Mariah, I completely agree with you that using technology for school work was a new thing to be when beginning college and I really find it beneficial. I also am a maniac when checking grades and having d2l is a huge blessing in that regard. I also agree that its important for kids to use technology because they often learn without even knowing they are learning. TV isnt a good form of technology because the child can’t interact but with games played on a Ipad or device things can be learned without the child being aware they are learning. Great post Mariah!

  2. I believe technology can have a negative and positive impact as well on students. I like how you brought up the idea that technology is everywhere around us, and whether or not we like it or not, we have to accept it, and make the most of it. For example, when I did my field study, I found it crazy that 8th graders now have their own Chrome books, and take them home and use them for their homework. I remember back in elementary and middle school I thought it was “cool” just to go to the computer lab at all in the first place. I also like how you talk about how technology gives us various amounts of resources, such as podcasts, and videos. I believe giving students various amounts of resources makes them learn more, and gain different perspectives on a certain situation. At the same time though, technology can be a huge distraction for students as well. For example, during a lecture hall, even a flipped up laptop screen can be a distraction for a student. Also, many students believe that they are multitasking during class time, but in reality, they are just switching from one thought to the next rapidly. I believe that technology in the classroom can be beneficial, we just have to make sure that everything we are doing in the classroom is not technology-based. Good job!

  3. I agree that technology has grown on me as well for educational purposes, although I think it is because now it is much more efficient and user friendly than before. Interfaces make more sense and are easier to understand, however some sites can be particularly bad still.

    I wonder though if using technology to make learning fun can be an issue in the future. Students will eventually have to enter a world where they will have to learn things and there will be nothing fun about it. Will they have the motivation to keep learning, or will they be turned off by the tediousness of reading certain topics. I hope that technology will foster a love of learning in general, and not just learning for fun.

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