Group 3 assignment

While watching this video I was impressed with the fact that the children are the ones who create the view of what they want the classroom to look like. I think this is important and beneficial because in the end they are the ones that his game is affecting and it is a good idea to get their input. I also think it is interesting how they incorporated the words “spleem” and “PAX” to describe bad or good behaviors. This game actually seems like a game I would like to partake in as a child in a classroom, I like it because it allows competitive behaviors, hence the teams, but the overall message is to act appropriately and accordingly in the classroom. These two factors working together cause the children to want to avoid a “spleem” in order to win the game. I also like how the teacher doesn’t call out which individual child is receiving the “Spleem” in order to avoid them having a negative attitude toward the game. This game is rewarding because it allows the teacher to encourage good self-management and gives the children a chance to show the teacher how well behaved they can be. The letters with compliments are also a good idea in order to make the students feel better for doing a good job in the classroom. My reaction to this video was positive. I have experienced games like this one growing up, where the teachers would try to encourage good behavior by reward and punishment type games, but none of them seemed as good as this one. I will incorporate something like this in my career as a Speech Pathologist by coming up with a game or activity that encourages my patients to behave appropriately while I am working with them and rewards them both internally and externally while working with me. Thank you for sharing this video!

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