Week 1 Blog Post

Hello everyone, my name is Mariah Gentile. I am a junior at UWW majoring in Speech Pathology and minoring in Psychology. In the future I plan to go to grad school, if everything works out with that I want to move on to specializing with autistic children that can not speak properly.

I have had many teachers in the past that have inspired me in positive ways, but one that will always stick out to me is my senior year English teacher, Mrs. Mauro. As we mentioned in class, Mrs. Mauro defines a “good teacher” due to her ability to connect with her students, her patience, and her effort to keep the material and the classroom in a manner that makes learning fun. Also much like the professor from “Dead Poets Society” she has a very good sense of humor and can always get the classroom laughing, which makes learning more enjoyable for everyone but at the same time she keeps a serious attitude about it in order to keep us under control. The teacher from video two does a poor job of teaching due to his monotone voice and his lack of interaction with the students.

Another person who has inspired me in a way that can not be replaced is my 8 year old cousin, Maddux. Maddux is autistic and can not form complete sentences on his own. He has inspired me to want to become a Speech Pathologist in hopes of assisting children like him. Maddux is the most loving and happy kid I have ever been around and although, he faces many struggles I am so fortunate to be able to spend most of my time with him. Keeping him in the back of my mind and close to my heart will help me in the future to keep pushing myself to work hard. Maddux teaches me so much about life without even trying to.

Here is a link to a youtube video on teaching like a “champion”

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