Topical Project #8-11 Sports Enhancers

I personally do not know anyone who has used sports enhancers.  I do, however, know of several professional athletes who have used enhancers.  There are many things that can be done to prevent the use of sports enhancers.  As many of us know, in professional sports there has been multiple precautions used to prevent sports enhancers.  But, what about in high school sports or college level sports?  A survey was conducted that in the US, less than 4% of the nations high schools have any sort of drug testing program.  In my opinion, there needs to be some sort of testing done by all of the nations high schools so that we can take another step in the prevention of these enhancers.

Research also has been done that simply teaching younger students about performance enhancers has very little effect on them.  What has shown some positive effects is teaching the students all about the side effects of steroids and what they can do to your body.  Convincing these young minds on the terrible things these drugs can do to your body has shown some improvement in not taking the drug.

My personal recommendation is to simply not use sports enhancers.  Some of them are not terrible for the body such as creatine, but I would not recommend using any of them.  Steroids can be used for good, but only via prescription.  Sure these drugs can get someone a lot bigger and stronger, but ultimately performance enhancing drugs will do nothing but cause your body harm.


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Topical Project #4-7 Sports Enhancers

The pharmacology of sports enhancers are all about the same.  The effects of taking steroids are great.  They can cause acne, baldness, infertility, and a deeper voice in women.  It can cause some psychological effects due to dependence on the drug.  Once a person takes steroids or other performance enhancers, they can see the results and instantly want or crave more.  It works just as any other drug works, one can get addicted.  There is not very much of an acute toxicity for performance enhancing drugs as it takes a prolonged period of time to show results.  This would be called the chronic toxicity.  The chronic toxicity of performance enhancing drugs would be muscle mass and also strength. There are other uses of the drug.  There are some beneficial uses.  One beneficial use is that steroids or other enhancers can be used to heal a person faster than normal.  Also they can be used to treat some patients who are sick to give them more strength which ultimately makes them get better in a shorter amount of time.  The overall health impact is not a great one.  These drugs are not very good for the human body.  The side effects are great ones, but they aren’t really life threatening.  I wouldn’t recommend using any of these drugs based on the research I was able to find.


This chart shows the number of wins above replacement of players in baseball in the past 25 years.  This chart was made in the late 1990’s so some of the players are not in the league anymore.  As you can see the top 3 players are known to have used PEDs.

Topical Project #1-3 Sports Enhancers

There are multiple forms of sports enhancers readily available today.  The most commonly used drug would be Anabolic Steroids.  This drug has been used for decades by athletes trying to get ahead of their competition.   Most of the sports enhancers have great side effects including: hair loss, weight gain , cramping, and acne.  Another drug that is quite popular especially in Major League Baseball is HGH, or human growth hormone.  This drug became infamous when it was known that Barry Bonds used it for quite some time to hit an incredible amount of home runs in one season.  It has a vast amount of side effects as well but it also increases muscle mass.  There are also some sports enhancers that are legal to use.  An example of this would be creatine.  Creatine can be bought at places such as GNC or even Walmart.  This drug does not have as great of effects that steroids or HGH does, but it still can increase muscle mass and strength.

The history of Sports Enhancing Drugs dates back to the Ancient Greeks.  It is said to be known that they commonly used a special diet that would stimulate their bodies so that they too could perform better in their activities.  Another important time in sports enhancing history would be in the 1904 Olympics.  The first drugs were used then to increase performance.  Most people know about sports enhancing drugs through athletes failing drug tests and getting a suspension for their actions.  This has been a common punishment dating back to the 1920’s when the first known drugs were deemed illegal.

The recent trends of stimulants such as steroids and HGH are not surprising at all.  The majority of users are between the ages of 18 and 25.  Within the last 10 years the use of these drugs have basically remained the same amount.  Steroids are not a bad drug and are used to treat disabilities by millions.  People misuse steroids and other stimulants daily.  They use them just as professional athletes use them, for their own gains.







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