Disney’s “Frozen” Premiered in University Center

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thLS2739NQWHITEWATER, Wis-¬†One of the most popular children’s movies in decades, Disney’s “Frozen” is by far an excellent film that has not only gained many fans, but has taught valuable life lessons that hasn’t been seen before.

“Frozen” challenges the many Disney princesses that have always married men that they have just met, and this movie not only teaches girls that they should think about and wait for the right guy to come along, but to also be independent and create a life for yourself.

*The animated movie was shown Thursday March 7, 2014, and Friday March 8, 2014 in UW-Whitewater’s University Center in the Summers Auditorium. The film presented by the Student Entertainment Awareness League drew in many crowds and for a low price of one dollar for students with their university ID and 3 dollars for those without a university ID.*

The purpose of SEAL is to provide an educational and social environment free from alcohol and giving students something to do on the weekends. Melissa Grosso, president of SEAL, says that “‘Frozen’ is entertaining with the catchy songs, but it also teaches young people not to rush what life has in store for you.”

Entertaining as the movie may be, not all of the movie-goers believed it met up to the hype that has been brought to it. Matt Hughes, a sophomore at UW-Whitewater, said “it seemed like every other Disney movie to me, it didn’t impress me.”

Other movie-goers were disappointed that you had to pay to watch the movie. Steve Zeigler, freshman at UW-Whitewater, said “call me cheap, but I shouldn’t have to pay when I am a student, I pay enough to come to school here.” He also wasn’t satisfied with the amount of hype that “Frozen” has, his opinion that if “Let It Go” were not in the title, it would not have been worth watching.

Regardless of what people thought of the movie itself, SEAL is doing good for our campus, bringing clean fun to our students at UW-Whitewater.

Cool Video

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I very much enjoy learning big facts about little things, and the user Vsauce on YouTube always has fascinating videos, I recommend checking him out!