Meet Maddy

Hi visitors!

I’m Maddy and welcome to my blog! This blog is for my social media optimization class at UW-Whitewater. I am a senior advertising and public relations double major and I will be graduating in May.

The reason for this blog is because we had to pick something that we enjoy to post about every week, and I chose interior design. I do not claim to be a professional interior designer in any way, ┬ábut it is something that I really enjoy playing around with and something I enjoy looking into. I find it extremely interesting when people are able to express themselves through their passions, and one of my favorite one of those is interior design. I enjoy exploring how rooms can transform your entire home or living area. I enjoy seeing how different things work (or do not work) together and the different trends that are out there. I truly feel that a room and it’s layout can really effect your life and the way you feel while you are in the space. This is why it is very important to me in my everyday life.

Like I said before, I am a college student and so I have always worked with relatively limited space. I watched my mom decorate our home and our rooms when I was younger and how much she loved doing it. We would watch interior design shows with her, and eventually I would go decoration shopping with her and help her decide what the rooms would look like. This carried on into my college life when I had to decorate my dorm room, apartment bedroom and living area (which I shared with four other girls) and my current college house which I also share with four other girls.

I hope from this blog you can be inspired by my posts and ideas, as well as figure out what you like and do not like when it comes to design for yourself and your own space. I look forward to exploring the exciting world of interior design over this semester!


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