Is your room the meeting room for your roommates or your friends? That can be both a blessings and a curse. It’s really cool that you have friends that want to spend time with you and that people think you have a cool space, but it can also be hard to make your space fit that.

There are some issues with having your space being the meeting room. They include…

Having Enough Room

That can be hard. There sometimes isn’t enough room for everyone to sit or stand comfortably in one space, especially if that space is in a college house or apartment. So, it’s important to at least try to fix or remedy the problem. Even if it’s just for the time of everyone being present in the room. Have chairs or a couch in the room. That helps a lot because it makes everyone comfortable and it is very inviting. Make sure it fits in your designs though, because no one wants a random eyesore couch and no one wants to sit on one, so you’ll just make people more uncomfortable.


The room has to be clean. The worst is dodging clothing on the floor. It’s awkward for both the room owner and the room visitor. No one wants their clothing stepped on, and no one wants to walk on eggshells so they don’t seem disrespectful for stepping on your things. Plus, it helps with room! If the room is clean, it makes it seem bigger!

Conversation Starters

Art is a great conversation starter! Have cool things on the wall and point them out to people and that can be an ice breaker if you need one, or a conversation diversion. It’s like doing yourself a favor AND it will make you seem so cool!


It seems really extra, but coasters for drinks.


Basically, people don’t mind sitting on the floor usually, but it makes it way better if there’s a cool rug. ┬árug that’s soft and comfortable, because chances are that there won’t be enough room for everyone to actually sit on a piece of furniture every single time. And rugs make the room seem bigger usually, and can add some cool elements and warm up the space!