So… someone gets you something that you don’t necessarily like. At all. But it was so nice of them to get your a gift, right? Right. That’s the point. It’s always nice when someone gives you a gift. It always is the thought that counts, even if the gift isn’t something you would ever pick for yourself. With all of that in mind… How do you utilize the gift in your space? You don’t necessarily want to, but it was a gift and that’s so nice and you can’t just get rid of it.

I’ve faced this problem a few times. And, I still have those gifts in my space. I just sort of hide them. And it works! They’re a small pop of color, or a stand for something. If you change the way the item is viewed, it can almost make it look different than it actually is, so it isn’t as bad anymore! You just have to be creative and put thought into it. Try different things to figure out the best way!