Rooms that are all white seem difficult right? Well, they are. Are they worth the work? No. Not in my opinion. They’re so hard to keep up with because they get so dirty so easily! So, it’s not worth it. There’s so many other designs and other ideas you could really take and run with. That’s important to remember when you’re thinking of doing white anything. For a while, I had a white bedspread, and it was good at first, and I really liked it. Then, life started getting really busy and I did a lot of running back and forth, and SO many stains started happening. Which was bad. It took away from any cool look I was going for. It broke up the solid white and eyes went right to the stains. And no one likes stains on their white bedspread.

Of course, maybe someone more clean and careful than me could really pull it off and it would look really cool! But, always keep in mind your lifestyle. I’m a college student and a young woman. I’m really, really busy and always on the go. I have tons of work and papers and all nighters. A lot of the time, this means doing homework in bed and eating to stay away (not good on so many levels), so it can be hard. Really think about if you can pull it off, and if you can… go for it!