Christmas!! Arguably, everyone’s favorite time of year. This is prime time to spend time with your roommates and decorate! Holiday decorating is supposed to be fun and is about bonding and making the space feel festive for the heart warming season. Try to remember this when you are deciding what to put up. Remember, compromise is important when living with roommates! Not everyone’s taste is the same.

Lights: Always a GREAT way to go. Very safe. Who doesn’t love string lights for the holidays? Plus, if you look at a lot of college spaces, they have string lights up, so you won’t have to take them down after the holidays come and go, making your space always feel cozy and festive, for anything! Hanging them can be a lot of work but if you have patience and you want a great way to bond with the people you share that space with, take a minute and hang up the infamous string lights! In fact, as I’m writing this, I’m looking at my awesome string lights strung about our kitchen, and I love them!Photo on 11-29-17 at 1.28 PM