My Sophomore year here at college, I moved into my first apartment with my best friends. We were all so excited and very eager to decorate and figure everything out. We all had different things we wanted to bring to the table, and by table I mean our small 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment that somehow had to comfortably fit 5 girls. Thankfully for all of us, most of us 5 girls had the same decorating habits and tastes. BUT the one thing I firmly said could not enter our apartment was a tapestry. For anyone that doesn’t know what a tapestry is, it’s a big cloth that hangs from a wall that’s usually decorative and has different patterns and colors. I did not like that look at all at the time. For some reason I associated it with a lazily decorated space. I felt that it was an easy way out of taking the time to decide what looks best and what can be on the walls. My roommates kindly agreed that no tapestries would be hung in our common areas, and that was very nice of them, since looking back, I think we really missed out!

It’s safe to say that my opinions on tapestries have changed… I now look at every tapestry I come across! We even have one in our living room in our house. I now think they’re a great addition to any room. they are a great way to add color, and fill that wall you don’t know what to do with! If you don’t have one (most college kids do) I would recommend getting one. It doesn’t go with my room because I already had enough decor on my walls once I realized I was a big fan of the wall filling tapestries. But if I had room for one, I would.

Go get yourself one! Urban Outfitters is always a great place to find a cool color scheme or an awesome design. If you don’t want to spend too much money, check out amazon, too!

Happy Shopping!