UW-Stout Workshops Inspired by 2009 Tech Conference

Faculty and academic staff from the University of Wisconsin-Stout- Jamison Olson (Learning Technology Services), Kevin Pontuti (Art and Design), Susan Staggs (Psychology), and Bill Wikrent (Learning Technology Services)-hosted a series of four, 55-minute long Sharing Community sessions at UW-Stout during the spring, 2010, to communicate their newly acquired knowledge on educational technologies to other Stout faculty and academic staff after attending the Learning Technology Development Council’s 2009 Tech Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, last October. Their sessions titled “Building Content Templates for Student Learning; Using Social Media and Micro-Blogging to Build Educational Networks Both Within and Outside of the Classroom; Modularizing Content to Promote Just-In-Time, Competency-Based Education for Working Professionals;” and “Making It Work: Assembling and Delivering Media for Web-Enhanced and Fully Online Courses,” respectively, were designed to share what they took away from the conference in addition to providing distinct tips on improving one’s web-enhanced, blended, or fully online course through reliable, pedagogical approaches. Approximately 20 faculty and academic staff, total, participated in the four sessions.

Submitted by Jamison Olson