True Story: Resources Wiki Helpful in Workshop Planning

I was working on putting together a “Technology in Education” workshop series for our Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning.  I was trying to fill the session slots with practical technologies that I would be able to discuss pedagogical uses, overview how to use the technology (the “click here” information), and then allow the participants enough time to create an instance, walking away with a usable technology product for their classroom – all in 90 minutes. I had several ideas but needed just a few more to fill the whole series with technologies that were at a level appropriate to the instructors with which I work.  So, I decided to check out the “Resources and Best Practices in Online and Blended Teaching and Learning” to see what teaching technologies my colleagues may use.  Luckily, through just a little bit of searching, I found information and templates about WebQuests and how to create in D2L.  The information was perfect for making the handout for my session and the template was easily integrated. I did have a small misunderstanding but since I knew who submitted the template to the wiki I just picked up the phone and call my colleague, Karen Skibba, from UW-Whitewater and within minutes I was right back on track.  The resource wiki truly saved me time and energy in preparing for this workshop!  Now you try :)

Submitted by Kristin Koepke, UW La Crosse