Dr. Curtis Bonk

Keynote: Stretching the Edges of Technology-Enhanced Teaching: From Tinkering to Tottering to Totally Extreme Learning
Some insist. Some resist. Others persist. Such is state of online learning today. But what is highly resistible for some is often passionately irresistible for others. Many are content to tinker with blended forms of learning. They dip their toes into the technology change movement by embedding shared online videos, simulations, timelines, collaborative groups, and open access articles in their courses. Others enter deeper waters and push toward the edges of what is possible. Their classes are teeter-tottering on the brink of transformation. Such instructors hand over the keys to their learners and let them drive for a bit. Not all instructors are so innovative. In fact, many students are unhappy due to bland online content and unimaginative activities. Too often online learning is too lock-step and mechanized. Today’s students want hands-on activities where they produce something meaningful as well as time to explore the resources they find the Web. All these people tend to simply want more variety, or more specifically, they want ‘TEC-VARIETY’. Bonk’s new instructional design model for online learning — TEC-VARIETY — will break online instructors and students out of boring online learning. Each letter of the TEC-VARIETY model stands for a well-known motivational principle, including: Tone or climate, Encouragement or feedback, Curiosity, Variety, Autonomy or choice, Relevance and meaningfulness, Interactivity and collaboration, Engagement, Tension, and Yielding products and goal setting. Everyone is talking about the need to motivate and engage students. It is time to stretch toward the edges of learning from those of us tinkering on the shores to those whose learning approaches are tottering in new directions and even landing in totally extreme or alien lands that truly motivate students. This talk will showcase examples of how TEC-VARIETY can be incorporated in all three worlds – the world of the tinkerer, the totterer, and the totally extreme.

Lunch session: We’re Going Mobile!
Mobile learning. Mobile learning. Mobile learning. The perpetual reframe that significant educational reform will come from mobile and ubiquitous learning is beginning to ring true. Mobile learning is impacting every sector of education – especially higher education and training environments – and it is shifting downward to K-12 schools. Schools and colleges of education are perhaps the one area with the most potential to impact the growing mobile population. In this session, find out why you too should consider mobile learning.

Closing Session: I am Not Content: The Future of Education Must Come Today
Look left, look right, look back, and then look dead-on straight ahead…what do you see? Of course, the air is filled with e-learning opportunities as well as talk of educational transformation. So much news. So much progress. Each second of the day, dozens of learners discover shiny learning nuggets previous unknown. Each week, thousands of schools, universities, corporations, and government offices announce strategic plans for e-learning. Every month, hundreds of new online courses, programs, and certificates are offered. Year after year, research reports and meta-analyses indicate that there are undeniable positive benefits of online teaching and learning. The world of technology-enhanced learning, is looking up, up, up. But wait a minute. It is no time to be content. It is not time to relax and just let the “inevitable” future unfold in front of our eyes. No! We must all jump in and help build the changes we want to see. Besides, there are hundreds of millions of people who cannot wait. They need access to a more free and open education today–one with high quality content, interactive and engaging tasks, and motivating technology use. This is a land of where nature (i.e., technology) meets nurture (i.e., pedagogy). It is time you joined in to build the future. Those attending this talk should be cautioned to check their hearts and credits cards at the door since this will be an emotionally-packed talk intended to make you act.