Qualtrics Survey, Extensis Portfolio, New Learning Technologies Group at UW-Parkside

UW-Parkside is joining several UW System schools in launching the Qualtrics Survey System. We’ve conducted training sessions this summer for both Brand Administrators as well as user training with a pilot group of faculty and staff. Our next steps include internal marketing—letting our users know about this great new tool, and setting up an ongoing training schedule for new users to get acclimated with Qualtrics.

Also, UW-Parkside is in the final stages of launching Extensis Portfolio to manage university photos, images, logos and other graphics and design projects. Previously, if a user wants to gather university images for use in printed or web materials, he or she might need to visit several offices and look through many, many binders of images and proof sheets. Extensis moves that entire process online, letting users explore and download approved images right from their desktops or web browsers, and allowing University Relations to easily change and update the images allowed for public use. The first online catalogs will be launched in the early fall semester with more to follow.

Finally, we are in the very first stages of organizing our new Learning Technologies Group. Under the leadership of our new CIO, Jose Noriega, this group is being formed to support learning technology initiatives, and to centralize technical support for our students, staff and faculty.

Submitted by Pat Eaton
UW Parkside