Fusion Recap – Part 2: Notes from UW River Falls

D2L Fusion Attendees from UW River Falls

D2L Fusion Attendees from UW River Falls

Dan Semi from UWRF says, “. . .we had a ball. We brought 3 faculty with us. 2 of our faculty presented as did I. I’ve been fortunate to attend all Fusion conferences and present at 8 of them!

Our faculty presentations were from Andrew Koob (Biology) “Strategies for Minimizing Confusion and Maintaining all Tasks on the Desire2Learn Course Site During Online Conversion”, and Kathleen Hunzer (English) “Desire2Learn ePortfolio: Show us What You’ve Got”.

I presented a lightning round for “Desire2Succeed: Training your staff for success” and also a workshop on “Self Registration and Special Courses – A Perfect Harmony”. Also both of these were presented as poster sessions.

Our faculty really enjoyed the conference. It was the second conference for 2 of our faculty and the first for one of them. They all learned something new and were able to network with folks on different ways to implement the tools in D2L with their teaching. From what I’ve observed in the past bringing faculty to the conference is the renewed energy around teaching with technology in our colleges. These folks get fired up and have found ways to use these tools to enhance collaborative efforts in class and develop rich teaching and learning experiences during the semester. These faculty also motivate others in their area with the tools. I get excited when I see this.

Since we’ve returned to work, I’ve received 3 or 4 inquiries from folks at other Universities who attended the workshops or poster sessions and wanted more information. That’s cool and allows the networking and sharing to continue after the conference!”