Clickers Help to Promote UWSP Outside of the Classroom

Like many campuses in UW-System, UWSP standardized on a student response system (a.k.a. “clickers”) several years back, leasing clickers to help our students avoid the cost of purchase since there is never a guarantee that a student will have a class that uses clickers each semester.

As a byproduct of our initial “testing” here in the TLRN, we had purchased a case of clickers from TurningTechnologies. Upon adoption of TurningTechnologies as our campus standard we wondered – what to do with our initial test case? We contemplated placing them in our general inventory for lease, but instead, offered our original case of clickers as a “low-risk” way to explore the use of clickers in the classroom, especially for test reviews. We also made our case available to faculty and staff for non-instructional use.

While clickers for test reviews saw little activity, our case of clickers started becoming popular with a few faculty for conference presentations. Eventually, we bought another case of clickers.

We now offer three cases of clickers for check out. Our faculty and staff use them in on- and off-campus workshops and conference presentations, as well as special classroom activities and even student presentations. Each case contains a receiver and we work with faculty and staff to ensure that they have the software installed on the presentation computer and are comfortable with its use.

Our cases of clickers have traveled to presentations and events, not only within the state of Wisconsin but as far away as Florida. One of our instructors recently emailed a request to check out a case for another conference, saying, “Clickers are such a crowd pleaser! And when I’m talking about the power of interactivity, bam! :-)”.

Submitted by Mary Mielke

One thought on “Clickers Help to Promote UWSP Outside of the Classroom

  1. Very interesting, Mary! I was just helping our Madison’s CIO use clickers to help facilitate a session here at Educause Midwest. It’s interesting how well clickers are catching on outside of the classroom. I think these experiences often help lead instructors to those “ah ha” moments of when they might use them in their own teaching.

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