UW Schools Have Strong Showing in New US News Report

The magazine U.S. News and World Report released a new report ranking the quality of online degree programs. Here’s how some University of Wisconsin schools ranked:

School Category Rank
UW Superior Faculty Credentials and Training 48
UW Superior Student Engagement and Assessment 123
UW Superior Student Services and Technology 15
UW Green Bay Student Engagement and Assessment 41
UW Green Bay Student Services and Technology 158
UW La Crosse Student Engagement and Assessment 157
UW La Crosse Student Services and Technology 168
UW Oshkosh (Graduate Nursing) Student Engagement and Accreditation 80
UW Madison (Graduate Engineering) Faculty Credentials and Training 5
UW Madison (Graduate Engineering) Student Engagement and Accreditation 1
UW Madison (Graduate Engineering) Student Services and Technology 1
UW Milwaukee (Graduate Education) Student Engagement and Accreditation 142
UW Milwaukee (Graduate Education) Student Services and Technology 69

Learning Space Repository Invitation – UW La Crosse

Each of the UW institutions are invited to participate in the pilot Learning Space Repository project. Please read the attached e-mail for precise background information. TheLearning Space Repository is a pilot project to provide a clearinghouse of effective examples of learning space design which are showcased and explained through web casting.  This pilot program is a collaborative effort with the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and Sonic Foundry through the Mediasite system. This initiative is the opportunity for educational institutions to highlight best practices and examples of effective learning space and environment development and implementation.  You are invited to participate in this project.

Let me know if you have additional questions. We would very much like to include your institution in this repository.

Submitted by:

Jim A. Jorstad

Director of Educational Technologies/ITS
Frye Institute Fellow
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
1725 State Street, Wing Technology Center, Room 165
La Crosse, WI 54601
608-785-8048 (phone)
608-785-8825 (fax)
608-790-4813 (p-cell)
www.jjorstad.blogspot.com (blog)
www.uwlax.edu/edtech (department web site) IP Teleconferencing

UW-La Crosse LTDC Report

Educational Technologies
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
LTDC Report Fall 2007
Submitted by Jim Jorstad

1) Currently working to revitalize our campus web site. Have created a Web Development Group comprised of several professional staff members, along with a team of students. Have designed a new web face, templates, and a database driven news and events application.

2) Am currently completing “Project Technology”- a take off of the popular reality TV program, Project Runway on Bravo.tv. We are following 5 faculty members throughout the semester as they try varying types of technologies to enhance student learning. This project is being presented at the EDUCAUSE national conference in Seattle later this month. The program dramatically showcases the trials and tribulations of faculty attempting to work with, and integrate effective technology into the teaching/learning process.

3) Still working on the development and assessment of collaborative learning environments.

4) We continue to work with podcasting, student response systems, wireless video, and DyKnow-a collaborative software tool

5) We are planning for our 4th Annual Passport to Technology event in late January. LTDC representatives are welcome to attend.

6) Have pulled together a group of faculty into a Podcast Users Group.

7) Our campus has given a faculty member a ½ time appointment to become our campus on-line learning director. His name is Brian Udermann, professor in Exercise Sports Science. We have developed the On-Line Learning Advisory Group, which I am also a member.

8) Our Center for Academic Teaching and Learning (CATL-like cattle) has developed a CATL Advisory Board, which I am also a member.

9) Have begun testing with the Mediasite system with archived materials as well as streamed presentations.

10) Are looking to hire a new video/multi-media producer soon. The deadline for complete applications is October 19th.