Solving Problems, Saving Time is Theme for Central Teaching with Technology Conference

The UW System Learning Technology Development Council is presenting a Central Regional Teaching with Technology Conference. The theme is “Solving Problems, Saving Time.”

The intended audience is for faculty and staff who teach or are involved in supporting instruction or supporting technology. The showcase will feature sessions that deal with using technology to solve instructional problems and to save time.

The conference is open to faculty and staff as from Green Bay, Oshkosh, Stevens Point, Marinette, Fox Valley, Manitowoc, Sheboygan and Marathon County.

Where: UW Green Bay Mary Ann Cofrin Hall Winter Garden

When: March 16, 2012, 8:30 – 4:00

Solving Problems, Saving Time

Sessions are 35 minutes with 10 minutes for QA and 15 minutes between sections

Time Solving Problems

Mary Ann Cofrin Hall Room 206

Saving Time

Mary Ann Cofrin Hall Room 237

9AM Leif Nelson Learning Technology Center Manager UW Green Bay

“Academic Honesty Online”

There are many technology tools that address academic dishonesty, from quiz event logs to anti-plagiarism software. This presentation will discuss the general concern of academic dishonesty, and how it is impacted by the Internet and online tools. 

Jennifer Buchholz & Mary Weber – Faculty at UW Oshkosh

“Innovations in Efficient and Robust Feedback”

This session will introduce various software and hardware solutions to help instructors maximize their time developing and delivering robust feedback on student work.

10AM Evelyn Li – Instructional Technologist and Lecturer UW Fox Valley

“What Roles Can Web 2.0 Play in a Classroom Full of Generation Z Kids”

What is Web 2.0? What is Gen. Z? The presenter will answer these questions and cover the kind of tools/resources instructors can use in helping to manage projects and promote classroom collaboration. In addition, she’ll cover how use these tools to connect with students, share information and make learning fun and engaging.

Patricia Fellows Instructional Technologist & Training Specialist University of Wisconsin Colleges & Extension

“Getting Your Email Under Control”

This session will focus on 5 questions users can ask themselves when reading an email. These questions will help the user whittle away at those 1000’s of messages. Other tips will be covered as well. This is based on the David Allen method of organizing your life.

11AM Keynote Room 208

Karyn Biasca  

“I confess. I’m a Technology Geek”

“I have been for over twenty years. I’ve experimented with most of the computer based teaching technology that has been available on our campus. Many have proved invaluable for my work in the classroom. Others…not so much. During my presentation, I’ll relive my journey through educational technology with you. I’ll share what has helped me solve problems, what has saved me time, and a few things that just didn’t pan out the way I wanted them to. The presentation will include my experiences with D2L’s ePortfolio tool, and how my department uses it for program assessment.”

noon Lunch (provided) Mary Ann Cofrin Hall Winter Garden
1PM Christy Brazee Communication Faculty at UW Oshkosh

“Driving Student Engagement with the Team Consultation Project”

Grounded in an action learning philosophy, the Team Consultation Project engages students in addressing real-world organizational problems they have encountered through the students’ concurrent learning and application of course content to those challenges.

Karyn Biasca  UW Stevens Point

“Saving Time on Program Assessment using D2L’s ePortfolio”

Karyn Biasca will discuss how an ePortfolio can be used as a program assessment tool as well as a time-saver.

2PM Steve Hill – Communication faculty UW-Stevens Point

“Solving Problems: Integrating Curriculum From the First Year.”

Steve will discuss how the Division of Communication has used and will use ePortfolios to more strongly focus on learning outcomes, increase student awareness of the links between courses in their undergraduate careers, and improve the cohesiveness of academic tracks in the division.

Pat Theyerl Applications trainer, help desk consultant, and student supervisor at UW Green Bay

“D2L Timesavers”

Pat’s presentation will discuss D2L TIME SAVERS: to include copying course components from one semester to another; bulk uploading; creating groups in discussions; taking dropbox submissions offline; using date releases to allow preparation of the course when you have time; quizzes auto-export to grades; using links and/or release conditions for better flow of your course material; tips on creating a forum for ‘course questions’.

3PM Terese Barta, Biology Faculty and Mary Mielke, Coordinator of the Teaching & learning Resource Network, UW-Stevens Point

“Student Cheating – are you ready for when it happens in your classroom?”

 Do you know what you will do if you catch a student cheating? The presenters will talk about perception versus the reality of what you may be able to do and how to be better prepared for when (not if) it happens. They will discuss old and new/online forms of cheating and finally, they will share strategies you can put in place to discourage it.

Patricia Fellows Instructional Technologist & Training Specialist University of Wisconsin Colleges & Extension

 “Increasing Productivity Through the Use of Mobile Devices”

James will discuss how he has incorporated several iPad apps specifically designed for science and chemistry into his curriculum, including General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. While these apps are chemistry specific, the methods for which he uses them could be applied in other disciplines. Pat will discuss some productivity applications for faculty and an approach to introducing iPads in different disciplines.  



2012 Southeast Regional Conference Wrap-Up

The 2012 Southeast Regional Conference held at UW-Whitewater on January 11, 2012 was a success. A total of 86 attended, which included 16 speakers from UW Colleges, UW-Milwaukee, and UW-Whitewater.

A myriad of active learning best practices were shared in the use of interactive activities and games, student-created video, ePortfolio, social media, and mobile technology for teaching and learning. The keynote and sessions on mobile learning and planning for the future of education was given by Dr. Curtis Bonk, an expert on active learning. Many of the comments included that there was “tons of good information” and ideas that were “very valuable and thought provoking.”

Thank you to all of you who were able to attend the 2012 UW-System Southeast Regional Conference. We hope you found inspiration and information to help promote active learning.

A special thanks to the wonderful presenters, the conference committee, sponsors, and many others who worked behind the scenes to make this conference a success.

A list of presenters along with the schedule, session recordings, and session presentations are available at:

If you attended and still haven’t taken the survey, please provide feedback at:

Conference Committee:
• Karen Skibba, Conference Planning Chair, UW-Whitewater
• Pat Eaton, UW-Parkside
• Karla Farrell, UW-Colleges
• Amy Mangrich, UW-Milwaukee
• Renee Pfeifer-Luckett, UW-Whitewater

Conference Sponsors:
• UW System Learning and Technology Development Council (LTDC)
• UW-Whitewater Learning Technology Center
• UW-Milwaukee Learning Technology Center
• UW-Parkside Learning Technology Center
• UW-Colleges Central IT
• UW-Whitewater College of Letters and Sciences

If you have any questions about the conference, please contact Karen Skibba at

Green Bay (finally) hosts D2L Site admin and LTDC meetings

UW Green Bay hosted the fall D2L Site admin and LTDC meetings this past Monday and Tuesday. Many great topics were discussed, ideas were shared, and networks were strengthened. I encourage anyone who attended these meetings to share your reflections in the comments area below this post. What new ideas will you bring back to your home campus? What did you learn? What was surprising? What was your favorite part of the meetings? Please share.

UW System President’s Summit on Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The UW System President’s Summit on Excellence in Teaching and Learning occurred in Madison, WI on April 14th and 15th. Thank you to all LTDC representatives, Learning Technology staff and UW System faculty/staff who presented, and to everyone who attended. It was a great event to showcase the great work that is going on in teaching and learning at UW campuses and for all to network in their areas of interest. Faculty  members,  LTDC and learning technology Colleagues from around UW System participated by presenting on various topics demonstrating the impact of teaching and learning. Below is a sampling of presentations made which demonstrate how technology affects learning in higher education.

  • Session 1: read more about these sessions
    • Teaching In A Virtual World: Are You Serious?
      Chris Calvert-Minor, Assistant Professor, Philosophy & Religious Studies, UW-Whitewater
    • Algebra Online: A Blended Approach; Pros and Cons
      Theresa Adsit, Senior Lecturer, Mathematics, UW-Green Bay
    • Creating Digital Materials to Support Student Learning
      Robert Hoar, Professor, Mathematics, UW-La Crosse
      Jennifer Kosiak, Associate Professor, Mathematics, UW-La Crosse
  • Session 2: read more about these sessions
    • Blogging as a Reflective Tool for Student Teachers
      Matthew Vick, Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction, UW-Whitewater
    • Harnessing the Power of Social Media
      Tanya Joosten, Associate Director, Interim, Learning Technology Center, UW-Milwaukee
      Rachel Baum, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Jewish Studies, UW-Milwaukee
      Sandra Martell, Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology, UW-Milwaukee
      Liana Odrcic, Senior Lecturer, Department of English, UW-Milwaukee
  • Session 3: read more about these sessions
    • Private Social Networks for Students, Faculty, and Alumni
      Robert Jecklin, Assistant Professor, Health Education and Health Promotion, UW-La Crosse
    • Transform Twittering Students into Social Media Professionals
      Lynn Ludwig, Assistant Professor, English, UW-Stevens Point
  • Session 4: read more about this session
    • Second Life Faculty Learning Community Spurs Imagination
      Karen Skibba, Instructional Design Specialist, Learning Technology Center, UW-Whitewater
      Renee Pfeifer-Luckett, Director, Learning Technology Center, Learning Technology Center, UW-Whitewater
      Chris Henige, Associate Professor/Dept Chairperson, Art, UW-Whitewater
      Kelly Delaney-Klinger, Assistant Professor, Management, UW-Whitewater
      Megan Matthews, Lecturer, Theatre/Dance, UW-Whitewater
      Andrew Kapp, UW-Whitewater
  • Session 5: read more about these sessions
    • Getting It Straight: Improving Language Comprehension with Syntax Untangler
      Alan Ng, Faculty Associate, Division of Continuing Studies, UW-Madison Sage Goellner, Faculty Associate, Division of Continuing Studies, UW-Madison
    • Teaching and Learning Using D2L ePortfolio
      Karyn Biasca, Professor, Paper Science and Engineering, UW-Stevens Point
      Jasia Steinmetz, Associate Professor, Food and Nutrition, UW-Stevens Point
      David Hastings, Professor, Music, UW-Stevens Point
      Steven Hill, Assistant Professor, Communication, UW-Stevens Point
  • Session 6: read more about this session
    • Using ePortfolios for Course and Program-Level Assessment
      Matthew Russell, Instructional Designer, Learning Technology Center, UW-Milwaukee
      Julie Kline, Senoir Administrative Program Specialist, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, UW-Milwaukee
      Lisa Moline, Associate Professor, Peck School of the Arts, UW-Milwaukee
  • Session 7: read more about these sessions
    • A Balanced Way to Teaching Art and Design Using E-learning
      Gautam Wadhwa, Assistant Professor, Art, UW-Whitewater
    • Digital Storytelling in the College Classroom
      Jim Winship, Professor and Chair, Social Work, UW-Whitewater
      Cheryl Diermyer, Senior Learning Technology Consultant, DoIT – Academic Technology, UW-Madison
      Mary Wright, Assistant Professor of Middle and Secondary Literacy Education, Teacher Education, UW-River Falls
      Gary Willhite, Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction, UW-La Crosse
    • Speed tribes: Using social media to reinvent f2f learning
      Alan Aycock, Dr., Anthropology, UW-Milwaukee
      Amy Mangrich, UW-Milwaukee
      Sharon Stoerger, Dr., UW-Milwaukee
  • Session 8: read more about these sessions
    • Course Design: Impact of Online Instructor Training
      Kristin Koepke, Instructional Designer, Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning, UW-La Crosse
      Kristin Koepke Kristin Koepke Kristin Koepke
    • Resource Wiki for Online & Blended Best Practices & Training
      Kristin Koepke, Instructional Designer, Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning, UW-La Crosse
      Karen Skibba, Instructional Design Specialist, Learning Technology Center, UW-Whitewater
      Scott Wojtanowski, Instructional Designer, Teaching and Learning Technologies, UW-River Falls