Campus Report ∙ University of Wisconsin-Stout ∙ Spring 2011

Learning Technology Services

Elluminate Roll Out

Rich Berg, Web-based instructional designer, completed six face-to-face Elluminate trainings on May 25, 2011. A total of 22 faculty participated. In addition, Rich has two online sessions planned as well – one at the end of May and the other at the beginning of June. A total of eight faculty will participate in the trainings.

Free Learning Objects Wiki

Rich Berg developed a new wiki that is intended to be a place where educators can find free, public domain and Creative Commons-licensed materials. The materials can be used in the traditional, face-to-face classroom and the ever-growing online classroom.

Although there are many other, free resources available on the Internet, this wiki focuses primarily on rich media, including photos, videos, animations, and music files. Many instructors may not be aware of the free resources that are available to them through the public domain, Creative Commons licensing, and other “open” mediums. By listing resources on the wiki, instructors may find resources that are of value to them and they may enhance their courses through the use of these materials.

Since different sites have different rules for usage, citations, and giving credit, instructors are strongly encouraged to read the terms of use in regards to each site and adhere to them. The wiki is intended to be share freely among educational users. We encourage others to link to the sites and submit suggestions for additional sites to be added. Since its release in March, the wiki has already been listed as a resource at Penn State University, Black Hawk College, The Center for Online Learning Research and Service at the University of Illinois Springfield, Harper College, and Edu.Co.Wiki. Details about the wiki are found at:


Learning Technology Services (LTS) and the Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center (NTLC) have moved to the third floor of Millennium Hall. LTS is now located on the West side of the building in Room 322, whereas the NTLC is now located in Room 301 on the South-East side.

Online Teaching Course

Jamison Olson (LTS), Rich Berg (LTS), and Renee Howarton (NTLC), are currently developing an eight-week, blended training course for University of Wisconsin-Stout Online for adjunct faculty who are new to teaching online. The course will cover the basics of an online environment (e.g., course design, student engagement, collaborative learning, teaching and learning synchronously, assessment). They plan to pilot the course at the end of summer, 2011. The course’s official launch date will be at the beginning of the 2011-2012 academic year.

Tegrity Roll Out

UW-Stout has recently moved forward in its quest for a more comprehensive lecture capture system. Having used place-based Echo 360 (formerly “Apreso”), Stout’s Learning and Information Technology department decided to purchase Tegrity because of its robust and cloud-based system. It allows instructors to record their video, audio, computer screen, and various peripherals from their own computes. On the other end, the viewing options are very flexible, allowing viewers/students to search and bookmark the recordings and download them in various formats.

Initially, Tegrity administrators and the help desk personnel were trained in the tool’s management and use. Several instructors were then chosen to receive instructor training, test the new system based on the training, and provide feedback. Following some fine-tuning and customizing, the system was rolled-out to instructors teaching customized instructor courses, at the start of the summer semester, 2011. Prior to being issued Tegrity accounts, instructors are required to attend a brief training, which helps them to download the recorder and utilize various aspects of their recording options. Training sessions and online help also includes recommended peripherals, such as webcams, doc-cams, microphones, and headsets.

Tegrity recordings begin locally at the instructor’s own computer when online or offline. Once the instructor’s computer is connected to the Internet, the completed and saved recording automatically uploads to the Tegrity “cloud.”

Learning Technology Development Council

2011-12 Curricular Redesign Grant

Two grant proposals from UW-Stout were accepted for this year’s 2011-12 Curricular Redesign Grant “Leveraging Technology to Meet Classroom Challenges” program. The first, titled, “Interactive Physics Game to Enhance Students’ Problem Solving Skils,” was submitted by Dr. Dianne Christie and Dr. Yuan-jia Hong. The Second, titled, “Using Calibrated Peer Review to Develop Writing within the Discipline” was submitted by Dr. Todd Zimmerman and Rich Berg.


Learning Technology Services’ Ed Jakober is the lead person for the Kaltura Pilot at UW-Stout, since spring semester, 2011. Ed is currently working with four instructor-participants in the pilot. One instructor, Jim Tenorio, is using Kaltura to host a video demonstration of the screen printing process—from start to finish—for his students, where they can revisit the screen printing video at their convenience, if desired. Tami Weiss, another pilot participant, is having her Art Education students document their individual teaching philosophies through video in addition to the methodology behind their teaching. Kaltura, again, is used to host the videos for the peer-learners to view. 

Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center

2011 NMC Summer Conference

Ed Jakober, Senior Media Specialist, was presented a professional development award of $495 dollars to attend the New Media Consortium Summer Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, June 15-17, 2011.

MayDay Presentations Celebration

The NTLC will host an event that highlights presentations by faculty on research, creative outcomes, in addition to “inspired” teaching at UW-Stout on May 23, 2011. Details about the celebration are found on the NTLC website at:

Universal Design Summer Institute

The NTLC and UW-Stout Online is hosting a Universal Design institute on August 8 and 9, 2011, for Stout faculty who currently teach online, or plan to teach online courses in the near future. This institute is for faculty that wants to learn more about effectively implementing universal design concepts into their courses. Details about the institute are found on the NTLC website: