graduating seniors and new faces at L&S Media

In May, L&S Media will be saying goodbye to IT Specialist Chris and Webmaster Megan who are both graduating. Our current Videographer, Tania, is an international student and will also be leaving UW-Whitewater to return to her hometown in Mexico.

L&S Media will still have student employees to help with your technology needs. We welcome Geza, Hannah, and Nick to the L&S Media team! Geza is our new IT Specialist assisting in computer and technology related issues. Hannah is our new Videographer taking videos and photos for CLS departments, classes, and events. Nick is our new Technology Assistant editing photos, writing Spotlight stories for CLS, and assisting in other technology projects.

If you have any technology-related questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact L&S Media. Feel free to stop by our office in Laurentide Hall Room 1014 and meet our new staff!

Streaming Media and Copyright

We’re asking your help to keep the College of Letters and Sciences in compliance with current US copyright laws.  This can be a difficult task as case law decisions and fluctuating interpretations of how the Fair Use Exemption does and does not apply to courses taught online hit the news.

Determining if a Copy Can Be Made

One thing that many faculty do not understand is that, if we want to claim our Fair Use Exemption in order to use digital media in online courses, we need to analyze each situation according to the four factors of fair use.  Using a copy in order to teach a course does not automatically allow a faculty member to make and distribute copies to students, even if those “copies” are password protected in D2L.  So, the first thing we are asking our faculty to do is to complete a Fair Use Worksheet (available in the LS Media Studio) whenever you drop off media that you want copied.  Please complete that to the best of your ability and give it to the technician so that we are able to determine that your request probably is not an infringement on the copyright holder.

Seeking Permission and/or Buying Presentation Rights

If the worksheet indicates that permission should be sought before making the copy, consult with your department’s library liaison or a copyright clearing house to get permission.  This may take as little as a day, but can take as much time as several weeks – so please plan accordingly.

In some cases, we may need to purchase the ability to copy, distribute or present the media.  Licensing fees are usually very reasonable and are a small price to pay to reimburse the people who made materials you wish to use in your class.

Streaming Whole Videos

According to the UWW Library policy, streaming the entirety of a video ALWAYS requires copyright checking; so please consider whether or not you really need the whole video for instructional purposes or check to see if a suitable film is available from Films on Demand.

Plan Ahead

The most important part of staying in compliance is to plan ahead.  It takes time to clear copyright and arrange to stream video or put in on e-Reserve at the Library.  Plan now for your video needs in the coming semester, and LS Media and the Library will be able to help you enrich your teaching with digital media.


Playful Learning Summit at UW-W

A conference for professional educators to learn the most up to date strategies and methods for using powerful, engaging and student-centered playful learning in the classroom.

November 15th (Friday) & 16th (Saturday)
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
This two-day conference will focus on harnessing innovations 
in games and digital media for learning with a 
unique focus on Wisconsin classrooms and learning spaces.
Get ready for a stellar lineup of sessions that will ignite creativity and learning in the classroom
Interactive Workshops with examples from Wisconsin classrooms
Special Sessions on Making and Make Shop 
Hands-on Learning Labs Game Arcade 
Luncheon Debriefing Sessions
Space is Limited – Register Today!
Registration for the two-day event is $35 for early-bird registration (before 11-1) 
and includes lunch both days. 
Space is limited, so reserve your ticket today! 
Conference information and registration available at: 
For more information, contact Beth King,
Seats are limited
Act today!!! 
Don’t wait… Get ahead of the game today!!

New Workshop: Gaming Lab, Discussion, and Hands-On Session

Gaming Lab, Discussion, and Hands-On Session

When: Wednesday April 10th, 5:00 – 8:30 pm

Where:  Winther 3012

Join us for an orientation and discussion of the video gaming world and potential affordances for learning and teaching.  This session will provide a brief overview of gaming culture and showcase the research of several scholars investigating the educational implications for both formal and informal learning.

5:00-5:30 pm       Why Gaming???  

Presenters will provide an overview of video gaming and the associated culture

5:30-6:30 pm       Using Games to Facilitate Learning

Each presenter will provide examples of educational practices involved in the gaming spaces they’ve both researched and used in formal and informal learning environments

Cindy Anderton:  Using the role playing game, Oblivion, as a tool for facilitating the exploration of multicultural literacies in a graduate level course in the department of Counselor Education

Beth King:  Using games and surrounding affinity spaces to facilitate 21st century literacies among youth and adults

Barbara Z. Johnson:  Using the virtual world of Gaia Online to engage in financial literacies and entrepreneurship

6:30-8:00 pm       Gaming Demos & Hands-On Gaming

The following game spaces will be available for hands-on exploration:

1) Oblivion

2) Gaia Online

3) World of Warcraft

This session is sponsored by the College of Education and Professional Studies Global Education Campus Initiative.

Students, faculty and staff from across campus and the community are welcome!

For more information, or to register, contact Beth King

Preparing for Summer 2013

While the weather outside is cold and white, we already need to think about summer and the new crop of courses we will offer our students!  Before you know it, they will be beating down the virtual doors to access readings, videos, quizzes, and even our island in Second Life where the weather is always sunny and bright!

If you are planning to teach this summer, especially if online, please start thinking about your digital media needs and contact us as soon as possible.  We have students and staff who can help you with:

    • D2L
    • Instructional Design Consulting
    • Quality Matters Reviews
    • Second Life Development
    • Video Services
      • Closed Captioning
      • Format conversion
      • Recording and editing
      • Streaming video for online classes

It is especially important that we know if you need videos closed captioned.  This process will take at least 3 days to complete if we need to create the transcript, time code it, and add it to the video.

So, please contact us by email at to set up an appointment to review your summer technology needs!

Zotero Workshop

Having trouble remembering where you got that quote for your research paper?  Sure that there was another source you needed to read for your article?  Need to be able to access your reference list from any computer —- at home or on campus?  Then Zotero might be for you!

Diana Shull, Reference & Instructional Technology Librarian is giving workshops on this free, online citation management service during the months of March and April.  If you are interested, sign up and let technology keep track of your references for school, teaching, and research!


Revival of the Blog

A blog … yes, I know, it is so old school!   But it is also an easy way to convey news and information in a casual yet timely manner without junking up everyone’s in box.

Look for news and information here as well as on our Twitter feed.  We will do our best to post the technology and media news you need now as well as include resources and longer articles of interest to faculty, staff, and students in the College of Letters and Sciences here at UWW!