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Spring 2016 Newsletter

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Stuffed Animal Sleepover Success!

Did you notice little children and stuffed animals in the library this past weekend? Us too! Twenty-nine children from ages 11-months to 7-years visited Andersen Library on April 8, 2016 to participate in the library’s fourth Annual Stuffed Animal Sleepover and celebrate the Week of the Young Child, along with the Children’s Center. The children, from the families of UW-Whitewater students, staff, faculty, and the Children’s Center, participated in a library story time and song activity.

Children gather for a sing-a-long during the Stuffed Animal Sleepover

The theme of this year’s event was a masquerade party. Parents and grandparents helped the kids create name tags for their stuffed animals, and color masks for the kids and their animals. Once their masks were in place, the children joined in singing a couple songs, including Cow Parked in My Driveway, and enjoyed story time.

Before heading home, the children tucked their stuffed animals into bed in a dark group study room. Do you think they stayed in bed? Not a chance!  The stuffed animals stayed up all night exploring the library after hours and taking photos in the photo booths set up for them. The event volunteers created laminated photo memories of the children’s animals, which the children kept as mementos.

Our business librarian and her family participating in the Stuffed Animal Sleepover

A big thank you to the volunteers that helped make the event a success!  We are so grateful for community member volunteers, staff members volunteers, and many student workers and staff members involved behind the scenes. Two students from the College of Education and Professional Studies assisted in leading the 3-6 year old story times, and one of the students stayed late to assist in completing the photo memories for the kids.  We couldn’t have done it without you all.

Curious about what was read during story time? Here’s a list! Check them out and read your favorites again at home.

Bigger Kids: Where’s Walrus, Secret Pizza Party, When the Library Lights Go Out, Thank You and Good Night .

Infants: Froodle, Wiggle, Waddle Waddle Quack Quack Quack, Blankie, Time for Bed.

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New Stuff Tuesday – April 12, 2016

Movies in the Age of Obama book cover

Movies in the Age of Obama
The Era of Post-racial and Neo-racist Cinema
by David Garrett Izzo
PN1995.9.N4 M68 2015
New Arrivals, 2nd floor

Each of this book’s eighteen essays is written by a different author who has a unique bent on the over-arching themes of race and otherness in the movies. These have been major themes, both overtly and covertly expressed, since Barack Obama was elected president of the United States and are reflected in the representative films discussed here. The films covered range from The Help to The Hunger Games and show changes in the popular media during and sometimes before the Obama era. There is even an entire section on 12 Years a Slave, which won the award for Best Picture at the Academy Awards in 2013. This book will make you think about yourself and your experiences, and you will likely want to (re)watch the films discussed to see them in a fresh light.

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First Past the Post and Public Opinion: Do Early Primaries Matter?

Dr. Jolly Emrey*, Associate Professor and Chair of the Political Science Dept., will talk about “First past the post and public opinion: Do early primaries matter?” on Tues, Apr 12, at 7:30pm at The Fort Atkinson Club Community Center (211 S. Water St. East, Fort Atkinson). It’s part of the Club’s free Spring 2016 Lecture Series (although donations are welcome).

* Due to illness, Dr. Emrey is unable to provide the lecture tonight. However, she has arranged for Dr. Eric Loepp to deliver the talk!

It’s a presidential election year and common wisdom states that winning early primaries matters for candidates in many ways, especially when it comes to public perception and public opinion. This talk will explore how much of the common wisdom is true, according to political scientists, and whether or not this election is really all that different from past primary races.

Andersen Library has resources for learning more! Search databases for resources such as “Early primaries, viability and changing preferences for presidential candidates” (Presidential Studies Quarterly, 2012, vol.42:no.2, pp.231-255 doi:10.1111/j.1741-5705.2012.03964.x), “Prescient primaries?: A spatial voting model of US primaries with early commitment and uncertainty over future preferences” (Conference Papers – Midwestern Political Science Association, 2008), “Voter awareness in early presidential primaries” (Conference Papers – New England Political Science Association, 2007), and “Forecasting the presidential primary vote: Viability, ideology and momentum” (International Journal of Forecasting, 2008, vol.24, pp.193-208).

Ask a librarian (visit the Reference Desk, call 262.472.1032, or choose to email or chat) for assistance with finding additional materials.

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Chamber Music Readfest

Enjoy the challenge of sight-reading? Join us for the Chamber Music Readfest at the Andersen Library on Friday, April 15 from 2:00-5:00pm.  The event will take place on the third floor of Andersen Library in the “Purple Room”.

Chamber Music Readfest

Participants can choose items right off of our shelves during the event, or can contact Leanne League if looking for a specific piece to try.   Repertoire requests and questions can be sent to Leanne League at or 262.472.1844.

Experienced musicians are welcome to play and all are welcome to stop by and listen.

During this time, we ask students using the third floor to be aware that there will be more noise than normal.  If you would prefer a quiet space, we ask you to temporarily relocate to the first floor during the event.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Require special accommodation?  Contact Rebecca Jones at or 262.472.7164.

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Book Sale for April

There’s a new crop of books ripe for enjoying at the April book sale. This month we’ll have another wide assortment of items available at $1 a piece. I hope you find something you want!

Subjects include:

  • Biography
  • Business and Economics
  • Communication
  • History
  • Literature
  • Political Science
  • Reference
  • Test Prep
  • Travel
  • & much, much more!
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New Stuff Tuesday — April 5, 2016


Notes from an Accidental Professor
by Lynda Barry
PN6727.B36 S95 2015
New Arrivals, 2nd floor

Lynda Barry, an award-winning cartoonist, also teaches courses on writing, drawing, and creativity at UW-Madison. This illustrated notebook recounts her thoughts, assignments, syllabus, and student work from the planning stages of a course about writing through the actual instruction.  She designed the class exercises and lesson plans around the idea that anyone can be a writer. The assignments not only push students to be more creative when responding to writing prompts but also in their everyday lives.

You can read through more of Barry’s syllabi (she keeps an online archive) at her blog. You can read more about the course that Syllabus is based on in this article.

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Adopting the New Forest Guardian in America: The ‘No Trespassing’ Sign

Pao Vue, Ph.D. student in UW-Madison’s Department of Geography, will talk about “Adopting the New Forest Guardian in America: The ‘No Trespassing’ Sign” from 3:30-4:30pm on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 in UC275A. It’s the last Southeast Asian Heritage Lecture for 2015-16!

An interesting article about how U.S. laws regarding control and conservation of forest resources was affected by the railroads is available in the LexisNexis Academic database: “No trespassing: Railroad land grants, the right of exclusion, and the origins of federal forest conservation” (North Dakota Law Review, 2014, vol.90, pp.87-427). You also can see an issue of CQ Researcher that talks about “Managing public lands” (November 4, 2011, vol.21:no.39).

Forest trespass (logging theft) has been in the news within the last few of years in Thailand, e.g., “Thailand: Forest Department seizes trespassed forest lands in Kanchanaburi” (Asia News Monitor, 2016: February 03), “Thailand: Illegal logging reported in Yala forest reserve” (Asia News Monitor, 2014: September 15), and also a temporary prohibition of entering the forests as haze prevention from burning activities was reported in “Thailand: Chiang mai to strictly prohibit forest trespassing” (Asia News Monitor, 2015: Mar 20).

The book The Economics of the Tropical Timber Trade talks about land use policy and discusses how such policy is complex, “designed to meet a mix of economic, political and social objectives” (p.64). This book is available to UWW students and staff from other UW campus libraries via a free UW Request (requested items arrive in 2-5 weekdays), or use a limited preview via Google Books.

Another book available via UW Request or limited preview via Google Books is Environmental philosophy in Asian traditions of thought, which has sections on “environmental philosophy from Indian, Chinese, and Japanese traditions of thought.”

Ask a librarian (visit the Reference Desk, call 262.472.1032, or choose to email or chat) for assistance with finding additional materials.

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Why being who you really are is a radical act

Bridget Birdsall, an author and artist, will talk about “Why being who you really are is a radical act” from 6:30-8pm on Tues., Apr. 12 in the UC Hamilton Room.

cover of Double ExposureBirdsall will talk about her young adult novel Double exposure, in which an intersex teen overcomes bullying (available from Andersen Library’s 2nd-floor Curriculum Collection, Fiction, at F Bir). Learn more about the book online at

If you’d like to learn more, Andersen Library can help! Search Library databases to find articles such as “Promising strategies for prevention of the bullying of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth” (Prevention Researcher, 2012, vol.19:no.3, pp.10-13) and “Coping and survival skills: The role school personnel play regarding support for bullied sexual minority-oriented youth” (Journal of School Health, 2015, vol.85:no.5, pp.334-340, doi:10.1111/josh.12254).

Ask a librarian (visit the Reference Desk, call 262.472.1032, or choose to email or chat) for assistance with finding additional materials.

Here are some additional LGBT* events this month:

  • LGBT* and Ally Student Panel Discussion: Thurs., Apr. 14, 11am-12:15pm, UC 259 – UWW LGBT* and ally students will share their experiences growing up, on campus, and out in the world.
  • LGBT* Community Service Day: Fri., Apr. 15, 9am-5pm, location TBD- UWW students travel to complete a service project that benefits area LGBT* youth. Contact Larry Pardo at for more information.
  • Rainbow Celebration of Excellence: Tues., Apr. 26, 4:30-6pm in Fern Young Terrace – LGBT* and Ally Graduation Awards Ceremony
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Save the Date for Money Smart Week!

Money Smart Week, a national campaign focused on enhancing your personal financial management skills, is just around the corner! Join us April 25-29 in Andersen Library 1105 to learn more about financial aid, credit scores, negotiating salaries, and more.

Money Smart Week Schedule of Events

Money Smart Week was first established in 2002 by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago to help people manage their money more effectively. Check out the Money Smart Week website for resources that can help you become more financially stable. The UW Credit Union is also a great resource for personal finance information. They hold seminars throughout the year, some of them geared toward college students.

Andersen Library also has a page dedicated to personal finance topics. Get information and links to resources on the following topics:

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