Book Sale

For the remainder of the month we will be selling off our “second chance” books and less-than-beautiful, yet totally functional, binders at the bargain basement price of $.25 each or $1 per bag.

I hope your semester ends well and your summer is grand.

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New Stuff Tuesday – May 12, 2015

Introduction to Intercollegiate Athletics

The New Black:
What Has Changed and What Has Not
Edited by Kenneth W. Mack & Guy-Uriel E. Charles
New Arrivals Island, 2nd floor

Mack and Charles book is a collection of essays on race in the twenty-first century compiled by various authors. Many of the issues discussed in this volume are centered around the shift in racial consciousness in the United States since Barack Obama was voted President of the United States. At the core of the book is a reflection on evolving civil rights issues in modern times covering topics like immigration, police violence, and the role of the Federal Government. This works prevents unique ideas that both critical and thought provoking. It is much recommended for anyone wanting to reflect on the current status of race in America.

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Exam Inspiration: Pomp and Circumstance

Whether you graduate this semester or not, graduation is the goal, right? Well, OK, that and getting a job, of course. Inspire yourself by listening to Pomp and Circumstance!

YouTube Preview Image

Why is this piece used at so many graduation ceremonies anyway?! National Public Radio posted “‘Pomp and Circumstance’ Familiar Standard Marches Ahead of Competitors” with an explanation and links to related information.

And to all of those who graduate this Saturday, May 16th: Congratulations and good luck!

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Friday Fun: Jokes, Humor, Comedy

Feeling a bit stressed? Maybe a little laughter could take the edge off! According to the documentary Laughology (2nd-floor DVDs, Academic, BF575.L3 L28 2010), laughing is a great way to reduce stress. And it’s good for your heart (see “Laughter is Good for Your Heart, According to a New UMMC Study“)!

Andersen Library can help! Search the Books, Media and More section of Research@UWW and find

    cover of Napalm and Silly Putty book
  • book titles such as The World’s best jokes (3rd-floor Main Collection, PN6153 .C6 1936a), The Oxford dictionary of humorous quotations (2nd-floor Reference Collection, PN6084.H8 O94 2001), Tales to tickle your funny bone: Humorous tales from around the world (online), “You-know” stories (3rd-floor Main Collection, PN6014 .B4 2009), Dave Barry in cyberspace (3rd-floor Main Collection, PN6231.E4 B27 1996), The 50 funniest American writers: An anthology of humor from Mark Twain to the Onion (3rd-floor Main Collection, PN6165 .F55 2011), Humor me: An anthology of funny contemporary writing (plus some great old stuff too) (3rd-floor Main Collection, PN6162 .H755 2010), Napalm & silly putty by George Carlin (3rd-floor Main Collection, PN6162 .C276 2001), and lots more.
  • a recorded stand-up routine: Kevin Hart: Let me explain (2nd-floor Browsing DVDs, feature films, at “call number” Kev), and
  • comedy films and TV shows that can be watched, such as Monty Python’s Life of Brian, Foul play, Anger management, In living color, Parks and recreation, British comedy The IT crowd, and many others (alphabetical by title in 2nd-floor Browsing DVDs).

Yep, who knew Andersen Library could be such a fun(ny) place? And good for your health, too.

If you’d like assistance with finding materials, please ask a librarian.

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Relaxathon events to reduce stress

The Spring 2015 installment of Relaxathon is officially underway. This event will take place May 4 – 13 in the Andersen Library.

This semester’s stress relieving efforts will feature student favorites such as coloring pages, a candy cart and several pet therapy dates. It will also include button-making, Try-It-Tuesday’s free healthy snacks, and silly putty, luggage tag/bookmarks and stress ball making.

Free items geared toward the students also include coffee on weekends and late nights, along with popcorn on evenings the Library is open until 2am.

The Library will stay open for extended hours during May 8 – 18 for students utilizing the Library space as a place to complete finals homework.

The events are open to anyone interested – all are encouraged to come take their mind off finals stress!


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Andersen Library exam hours

Andersen Library will extend its hours for exam study beginning Fri., May 8.

Fri. May 8:   7:00am – 10pm
Sat., May 9:   9am – 10pm
Sun., May 10:   9am – 2am
Mon., May 11:   7am – 2am
Tues., May 12:   7am – 2am
Wed., May 13:   7am – 2am
Thurs. May 14:   7am – 2am
Fri. May 15:   7am – 6pm
Sat., May 16:   10am – 6pm
Sun., May 17:   11am – 8pm
Mon., May 18:   7am – 4:30pm

The first and third floors of the Library close at midnight; only 2nd/main floor is open from midnight until 2am. All three floors are open until closing on nights when then Library closes earlier than 2am. Doors are locked 15 minutes before closing.

Free coffee and hot cocoa on weekends and late nights, and popcorn on evenings the Library is open until 2am!

collage of images of students studyingStudy hard and good luck, everybody!

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T3: Save Your Work!

Cloud Storage

Almost every week students ask the librarians at the Reference Desk how to recover files from computers. While we, and iCIT, can sometimes help students recover their lost work, there isn’t always a way to get the file and the work back. The main way to prevent this from happening to you is to use cloud-based tools like Google Drive to help you save your work automatically.

Text documents, slideshows, spreadsheets, and other files automatically save every few seconds on Google Drive. You don’t have to remember to save and you can always revert back to previous versions of the file if you need to view them.

See a detailed explanation of all the benefits of Google Drive at iCIT’s website.

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Latinas in Literature

Dr. Nayla Chehade, UWW Professor of Languages and Literatures, will talk about “Latinas in Literature” at 3:30pm on Tues., May 5th in UC275A. It’s part of the Latino Heritage Lecture Series.

Would you like to learn more? Andersen Library can help! Search the “Books Media and more-UW Whitewater” portion of Research@UWW for books such as Latina and Latino voices in literature lives and works (online), and others.

If you’re interested in finding more resources, please Ask a librarian for assistance.

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New Stuff Tuesday – May 5, 2015


A Modern Retelling

By Carole Satyamurti
PR6069.A776 M34 2015
New Arrivals Island, 2nd floor

Satyamurti is a British poet, sociologist, and translator who has lived all over the world. She’s taught for the Arvon Foundation, the Poetry Society (UK), the University of East London, and other institutions.

The Mahabharata, which is the world’s lengthiest poem, has been around for a long, long time. Often attributed to Vyasa, but likely created and amended by multiple poets and priests over the years, the original was composed in Sanskrit about 2,000 years ago. Satyamurti’s version, which contains all eighteen books of the original, is an accessible English blank verse translation released into the wild just this year. Her lovely and engaging version uses other translations as main sources, including primarily K.M. Ganguli’s unabridged 5,000-page English prose translation. This Hindu classic has themes of war, duty, love, and spiritual freedom that have been and still are relevant today. This book has been a strong influence for both eastern and western literature over the centuries.

With more than 90,000 couplets, this poem is a hard one to summarize briefly, so here is an abridgment of its entry in the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia (2014):

The main plot of the Mahabharata is the fictitious account of a dynastic struggle and great civil war in the kingdom of Kurukshetra, whose throne fell to the prince Dhritarashtra, but he was blind and therefore, according to custom, not eligible to rule. His younger brother Pandu became king instead, but he renounced the throne and retired as a hermit to the Himalayas. Dhritarashtra then became king. When the sons of Pandu came of age, the eldest, Yuddhisthira, demanded the throne from Dhritarashtra. However, the sons of Dhritarashtra treacherously plotted against the Pandavas, the rightful heirs. Pandu’s sons were driven from the kingdom and communally married the Princess Draupadi. Dhritarashtra subsequently renounced the throne and divided the kingdom between his and his brother’s sons. Not happy with this, his own sons challenged their cousins to a great dice match, at which they deviously won the entire kingdom. 13 years later Pandu’s sons returned to reclaim the kingdom and a large battle ensued, which they won. Yuddhisthira ascended the throne. After a long and peaceful reign he and his brothers abdicated and with their wife Draupadi set out for the Himalayas, where they entered the blissful City of the Gods.

I think you’ll enjoy this version, but if you’d rather check out a different one, here is what the library has available:

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