Faculty Lightning Talks – Oct. 9

Faculty Lightning Talks poster

On Tuesday, October 9th the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) and the Andersen Library will present the inaugural Lightning Talks event! Come hear UW-Whitewater faculty and staff expound on their research in short, informal, fast-paced presentations. After each 5-minute Talk you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, then it’s on to the next Talk.

Everyone welcome. Talks will be recorded for those who cannot attend.

Light refreshments will be served.

PDF of poster

Date: October 9, 2018
Time: 3:30-4:30 pm
Location: Andersen Library TV Lounge


Jess Smith, Center for Students with Disabilities:
Early Outcomes from more than 12,500 Statewide Career Interviews of People Paid Subminimum Wage

Prof. Russ Kashian, Economics:
Building a Minigolf Course in Whitewater

Prof. Lucy Heimer, Curriculum & Instruction:
The Impact of Indigenous Culture in Early Childhood Education – From Personal Stories and the Impact of Identity and Lived Experiences to the Policy Level

Prof. Rex Hanger, Geography, Geology, & Environmental Science:
Paleontology of Ancient Reefs: Scuba Diving in the Cretaceous Oceans

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Flashback Friday: Students ‘Study N’ Style’ at Andersen

This week marks the beginning of what could prove to be a hallmark of library services offered by the Andersen Library. ‘Study N’ Style’ is a unique, highly interactive study table to which students are aligned with a resource they may not have access to, while having a welcoming space to study. During ‘Study N’ Style’, stylist from Hip Hop Stylez–a barbershop in nearby Beloit–come to offer grooming services to students, as they study and tend to their academic goals. Quite similar to helping students with their cover letters, or gifting them professional attire through a clothes-drive, aligning students with a grooming service could also nudge them a bit closer to that idealized professional encounter.

The idea behind ‘Study N’ Style’ is to grant students a space that is totally theirs–characterized by enjoyment and necessity! This initiative is the product of a partnership between the Andersen Library and Student, Diversity, Engagement and Success (SDES). In addition to the aforementioned resources, students are also met with snacks and refreshments, great scene-setting music, and a ‘Study N’ Break’ area–typically featuring a craft activity they can perform while waiting to be serviced after completing their studies. To cap off the experience, students are asked to sign their names onto the ‘Study N’ Style’ member-board. We want students to know that this is their event and their space (all 40 of them that attended)!

Check out some photos from Monday’s session:


‘Study N’ Style’ is slated to happen every last Monday of the semester’s months (September 25, October 29, & November 26), 4-7 PM. Haircuts and styling are offered on a first come, first serve basis. Be sure to join us in the library, and be a part of this welcoming environment. And don’t forget, bring your study material!

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Creativity Tuesday: Creativity on Display in Andersen

The Andersen Library strives to create a comfortable environment for students to learn, engage, and ultimately achieve their academic goals. In doing so, we recognize the significant roles relaxation and creativity play in student success. This is why we are hosting Creativity Tuesday!

Creativity Tuesday is a free, monthly event held at the Andersen Library. Whether it’s taking a break from a hectic schedule, stepping away from a heavy course-load, or simply taking time for creativity, Creativity Tuesday provides students with the opportunity to escape from their daily lives as students, and let their imagination flow freely.

Creativity Tuesday’s Mason Jar Painting session on September 25th was an enormous success with nearly 20 students in attendance and every one of them carrying home a jar or two of their own design. Check out some pictures from tonight’s session:


Be sure to join us for future Creativity Tuesday events and keep a look out for all the great Andersen Library events set to come in the future. To ensure you’re staying updated and in-the-know follow the Andersen Library on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. See you soon!

October 9th: 1- 4 p.m.- Recycled Book Page Craft

November 20th: 1-4 p.m.- Zen Rock Painting


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Get registered on National Voter Registration Day, Sept 25

Get non-partisan registration help on Tues., Sept. 25, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the UC, provided by Whitewater Student Government, League of Women Voters, Campus Election Engagement Project, NextGen America (NGA), and Warhawks Vote.

More help: Additional times for help in the UC will be scheduled. Pick up voter registration information in Andersen Library. Warhawks Vote has information, e.g., what to do to vote in your hometown or home state.

Who can vote in Wisconsin?
Any U.S. citizen, 18 or older on or before Nov. 6, who has lived at their Wisconsin address for at least 10 days, and who is not currently incarcerated or on probation, parole, or extended supervision. Voters must register, up to or on Election Day (Nov. 6), with appropriate documentation.

How do I know if I’m already registered? Check at MyVote Wisconsin.

Logo from MyVote web pageHow can I register? There are several ways, but if you are already 18, have an unexpired WI driver’s license or state identification card, and your name & address match the state Dept. of Motor Vehicle’s database, you can register online using MyVote through October 17!

You can use MyVote Wisconsin to learn more about your ballot and the candidates, your polling place, and what to bring with you when you vote on Nov. 6th!

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The Packers’ Century: Wed Sept. 19

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Green Bay Packers! Jim Rice, author and Packers historian, will give a presentation on The Packers’ Century oat 6:30 p.m. on Wed., Sept. 19, at the Irvin L. Young Memorial Library (Whitewater’s public library @ 431 W. Center St., Whitewater). This presentation on the history of the team will incorporate photos, football cards, newspapers, and more.

Check out Rice’s website, “Packers Century, 1919-2019” online. At the site you’ll find Rice’s bio and interview podcasts. Rice is the author of four Packer history books, including Giant Cheeseheads — The Packer-Giant Rivalry, Great Games of the Gridiron — NFL Championship Games, 1933-1965, 92 Years! — Bears-Packers, 1921-2014, and Green Bay’s 13 Championship Seasons.

book coverIf you’d like to learn more, Andersen Library can help! Resources available include books such as The Green Bay Packers: The complete illustrated history (3rd-floor Main OVERSIZE Collection, GV956.G7 G85 2007) and Green Bay Packers: trials, triumphs, and tradition (3rd-floor Main Collection, GV956.G7 P683 2012; preview available via Google Books); articles that are available run the gamut from “Pack it up, pack it in” (Sports Illustrated, 2017, vol.26:no.3, pp.33-35) to “Building service brands via social identity: Lessons from the sports marketplace” (Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 2001, vol.9:no.1, pp.1-13); digital collections include “Green Bay Packers game programs, 1939-1965.”

Please ask a librarian (choose chat or email, phone 262-472-1032, or visit the Reference Desk) if you’d like assistance with finding materials.

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New Stuff Tuesday – September 18, 2018

Trans Kids book cover

Trans Kids
Being Gendered in the Twenty-First Century
by Tey Meadow
HQ1075 .M425 2018
New Arrivals, 2nd floor

Trans Kids is an academic-based yet engrossing interview-based study of the first generation of U.S. and Canadian families that are facilitating atypical gender expression in children instead of trying to “cure” them like previous generations of parents usually did. Viewed through the lens of dozens of cis parents and their trans or atypically feminine/masculine children. Meadow draws from many fields and examines the myriad social processes that shape gender acquisition. If you want to know more about the issues involved and get glimpses into how real people are experiencing gender nonconformity (in themselves or in their children) this could be the book for you.

If you’re interested in longer biographies or memoirs by trans individuals, you might be interested in this selection of books from UW System libraries:

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T3: Adding Library Resources to a Canvas Course

The Library Resources integration in Canvas syncs with our LibGuides system to automatically load the appropriate library research guide into your Canvas course. We use the course name and number to determine if a particular course guide or a subject guide is the best fit for your course. Please contact your liaison librarian if you want an individual course page or you have additional questions. You can see our full list of guides at: http://libguides.uww.edu.

Activate the Library Resources Integration (PDF with full screenshots):

  1. Sign into Canvas (https://www.uww.edu/canvas)
  2. From the Dashboard, select the course to which you will add the Library Resources integration.
  3. From the course Home, select Settings
  4. Select Navigation from the tabs across the top
  5. Scroll down the page until you see Library Resources in the list of options. If you are adding it for the first time, it will be under “Drag items here to hide them from students.”
  6. Select Library Resources and drag the rectangle up to the top portion of the page. Make sure Library Resources is somewhere in the top list so that it will show in the course navigation.
  7. Make sure to select SAVE at the bottom of the page after you have moved Library Resources to the top list.
  8. Library Resources will now appear in your course navigation and in the student view navigation. Student view:


Screenshot of student view of integrated library guide in Canvas course

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Summer Renovations Complete!

The month of September marks a new semester, and an even newer library! Summer renovations are complete, and from the renewed layout spawns renewed learning space and opportunities for students. Whether it be new carpeting, re-positioning of book shelves for heightened visibility, or the arranging of more collaborative study spaces, the library will continue to offer ideal study spaces for all students alike.

Here at the Andersen Library, we pride ourselves on extending the academic experience well-beyond the classroom. We hope with the completed renovations, we are sure to have done that!

Check out some photos of the new layout:

Cafe/TV Area
Soft Seating
Collaborative Spacing
Collaborative Spacing
Worm's Eye View
More Collaborative Spacing
Carpet Dynamics

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New Stuff Tuesday — Sept. 4, 2018

Pedal Power book cover

Pedal power: How one community became the bicycle capital of the world

Allan Drummond

2nd floor, call number E Dru


In recent years I’ve become a bit of a bike aficionado: for five years now, at my previous job and this one, I’ve lived close enough to work to bike-commute every day, and thanks to Whitewater’s small size I can bike to 95% of my errands in town too.

So imagine my delight when I saw this children’s book on the “new” list! The inspiring story of how Amsterdam became the bike capital of the world is told through everyday people, mothers and children, who wanted a safer and more people-friendly way to travel through their city. The interesting text and whimsical, motion-filled illustrations are balanced by equally-as-interesting front- and end-papers and an Author’s Note with historical photos from Amsterdam’s protests. The result of this history is a city with bike-stoplights and an enduring love affair with its bikes, as shown in this mini documentary.

While our small college town may be not known as much of a bike mecca compared to neighbors like Madison or bigger cities, our city leaders have for years tried to improve the bicycle infrastructure – for example by developing our Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, and indeed we can see the fruits of such planning in the many bike trails that leave from or near the UW-Whitewater campus. Try one of the routes around town, or even in the beautiful Kettle Moraine forest or in the rural areas outside of town if you’re up for a longer distance!

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New Stuff Tuesday — August 28, 2018

Discurso el oso

Discurso del Oso
por Julio Cortázar; ilustraciones por Emilio Urberuaga
E Cor
New Arrivals Island, 2nd floor

While Cortázar’s Discurso del oso (Bear’s speech) is presented as a children’s picture book, the story was originally written for the children of a friend, and later published in his Historia de cronopios y famas In Cortázar form – surreal, imaginative, absurd – the sounds and thumps the human inhabitants hear in the walls of their apartment building are not faulty pipes or noisy neighbors, but the bear, traveling through the pipes, and observing the humans and their curious behaviors. The reader can listen along to the story read by the author himself:

YouTube Preview Image

New arrivals to the Curriculum Collection now include an increased number of Spanish language titles. These will be shelved alongside Curriculum Collection Easy, Fiction, and Nonfiction titles, and be quickly identified by the Spanish/Español spine label: Spanish language spine label

Titles can also be browsed in Research@UWW by typing the phrase “Spanish language” and then using the location limiter for Curriculum Collection Easy, Fiction, and Nonfiction.

Pinterest users may watch for new titles as we pin them to our Spanish Language Children’s Books board.

Do you have a favorite children’s book in a language other than English? We invite your recommendations! Please use our online suggestion form.




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