Library exam, break hours

collage of images of students studyingAndersen Library hours for exam study:

Mon.-Thurs., May 14-17: 7:30am – 2am
Fri., May 18*: 7:30am – 6pm
Sat., May 19: 10am – 6pm
Sun., May 20: 11am – 8pm
Mon.-Tues., May 21-22: 7:30am – 4:30pm

Spring-Summer Break hours (May 23-28):

Mon.-Fri.: 8am – 4:30pm
Sat.-Sun.: Closed

*Food for Thought Cafe will close on Fri., May 18, at 2pm, and reopen in the Fall!

Study hard and good luck, everybody! And congratulations to those of you who are graduating!

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T3: New Audio Transcription App

YouTube Preview Image

Lifehacker has a review of a new audio transcription app, Otter Voice Notes, that uses artificial intelligence to transcribe audio in real time. Audio transcription is good for interviews, oral history projects, lectures, and meetings. Although the AI transcription is not perfect, this app has the benefit of being free or relatively cheap to use and more accurate than other AI transcription apps.

Key Features:

  • Real-time audio transcription that separates and identifies individual voices
  • Any images you take during the audio stream are put inline in the transcription so that the picture appears at the same moment in the transcription as the time that you took it
  • Searchable keywords highlighted in the transcription
  • Text and audio export


  • Free version allows for 10 hours of transcription per month
  • Students with a .edu email address can get 100 hours per month for $2.99/month


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New Stuff Tuesday — May 8, 2018

Cover of Deej DVD

Directed by Robert Rooy, Words by David James Savarese; producers, Robert Rooy, David James Savarese
LC4717.5 .D432 2017
New Arrivals Island DVDs, 2nd floor

“Abandoned by his birth parents and unable to speak for himself, DJ Savarese (“Deej”) found not only a loving family but also a life in words, which he types on a text-to-voice synthesizer. As he dreams of college, he confronts the terrors of his past, society’s obstacles to inclusion and often paralyzing beauty of his own senses. In this first-of-its kind collaboration between a veteran filmmaker and a nonspeaking autistic, Robert Rooy and DJ share editorial control as they navigate the challenges of representing autism. Deej is a story told from the inside.” —

In the spirit of “Nothing About Us Without Us,” a foundation of disability-rights philosophy, I’ll let the star, writer, and co-producer of this Peabody-Award-winning documentary have the final words:

“In Deej, the camera intrudes on every aspect of my life. If seeing truly is believing, then perhaps eyes can be opened to the full potential of kids with significant disabilities. Shot over a six-year period, Deej reveals not only what the ideal of full inclusion requires but also what it can accomplish.” –DJ Savarese

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Relaxathon During Final Exams!

With the weather getting warmer, it seems as though summer break is just around the corner. All that stands in the way of a perfect summer break is two more weeks of group projects, presentations, final papers and cumulative exams. With stress levels at an all-time high, the Andersen Library is here to help with Relaxathon!

Relaxathon Visual

Relaxathon is nearly three weeks of relaxing activities that are designed to aid study efforts by giving your brain a well-deserved break as you finish off the semester strong. From May 4 – May 22, join us at the Andersen Library for a series of enjoyable encounters and refocus your efforts to tackle these last few weeks refreshed and renewed!

Don’t have any time to spare in-between papers? That’s okay! The Andersen Library will be serving popcorn at 9 PM on days we are open until 2 AM, and Coffee and Tea at 6 p.m. throughout extended hours, to rejuvenate your energy and keep you moving forward!

Interested in taking a break? Visit us at the libraries ‘News & Events‘ page for a full list of dates and times for Relaxathon.

Highlights of Relaxathon (things you definitely don’t want to miss):
– Pet Therapy
– Paint & Sip
– Zen Rock Painting
– Make a Stress Ball
– Mason Jar Painting
– Virtual Reality
– Relax Snax
– DIY Tea
– Word Search Relay
– Stress Navigation Station
– Illustration Station
– Grab and Game

We look forward to seeing you at the Andersen Library and wish you the best of luck with finals!

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May Book Sale

book sale
The May Book Sale features books on a wide range of topics, including philosophy, religion, history, education, psychology, teaching of mathematics, and hobbies.

All books are $1 each.

Prices fall to $0.25 per item on May 25th.

Stop by and browse the latest book sale selections.

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New Stuff Tuesday — May 1, 2018

Jane Eyre Original Broadway Cast Recording cover

Jane Eyre: The Musical
by Paul Gordon, composer
SOU Gor Jan

New Arrivals island, 2nd floor

This original musical soundtrack from 2000 should appeal to anyone who likes the original novel or others of the Bronte sisters’ Gothic romance writings, or musicals, or all of the above. Unfortunately it closed on Broadway in 2001 and (according to the Wikipedia entry) hasn’t been frequently seen in regional theaters since, although it had a London premiere in 2007 and we can look forward to a revised version appearing at a Cleveland theater this fall sometime.

The musical stays mostly true to the original story of Jane Eyre, including Jane’s horrid upbringing in the orphanage, her assignment to Thornfield Hall as governess, the dramatic fire and her rescue of Rochester, and the eventual resolution of their love story. The music matches the dramatic events but the lyrics are still heartfelt and fitting to the story. Of course the lead roles are well cast and the voices fit their characters, but more characters than just Jane and Rochester get their own dramatic solos or duets to more fully develop their comic or dramatic characters too — some standouts include the roles of Helen Burns and Mrs. Fairfax.

Good music that fits well to re-tell a much-beloved literary classic!

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T3: Training Sessions

The Learning Technology Center and would like to invite you to sign up for some great Lynda events we have planned for Wednesday, April 25th. Our representatives will be on campus and will be offering the following presentations. Registration is required. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this event, please contact the Learning Technology Center.

Get the “Scoop” on Learning with – Ice Cream Social – Register Now
Time: 3:00PM – 3:45PM
Audiences: Everyone
Trying to learn a new skill? Lynda can help! In this afternoon session, students, faculty and staff are welcome to stop by and learn all about what Lynda has to offer. Spoiler Alert, it’s not just for class. Lynda can teach you about different skills for your small business. It can also help you become the EDM Producer that you day dream about in your 8:00am Marketing Class. Come for the Ice Cream, stay to start learning online, on your time!

Check out the other sessions at the LTC’s blog.

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New Stuff Tuesday – April 24, 2018

Sputnik's guide to life on Earth

Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth
by Frank Cottrell Boyce
F Cot
Curriculum Collection, Fiction, 2nd floor

Meet Prez, a boy who finds himself in a foster home with The Blythes, a big, warm, rambunctious family who live on a small farm. Meet Sputnik, the alien who looks like a dog to everyone else, but who looks like a wee man in a kilt, a leather pilot’s helmet, and flying goggles to Prez. Sputnik’s mission is to create a list of 10 things that will make Earth worth saving from pan-galactic decluttering. As if that one mission were not enough, Prez enlists Sputnik’s help to find his grandfather who has been moved to a nursing home, as Granddad’s “rememberings” have gone missing.

This middle-grades adventure is replete with runaway mobility scooters, a bit of space/time travel, and a boy with gentle care for a grandparent with dementia.

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T3: Your Data in Google and Facebook

Google and Facebook Logos

UW-Madison’s Division of Information Technology (DoIT) has a nice summary of what kinds of information Google and Facebook have collected and stored from your accounts. The following are DoIT’s recommendations for viewing, downloading, and/or changing this data.

What Google Knows

Google also knows a great deal about you. You can request an archive of your data using their “Takeout” service here. Depending on how many of their services you’ve used, the amount of data in the download can be truly staggering. It includes:

  • Where you’ve been, assuming you keep “Location Services” enabled on your phone or other mobile device
  • Everything you’ve ever searched for, at least while logged into a Google account
  • Which apps and websites you use, if you’ve granted them access to Google services or logged into them with your Google login
  • What you’ve viewed and searched for on YouTube
  • Your exercise and other fitness data, if you use a fitness tracker that syncs to Google Fit.
  • The contents of your Google drive, including deleted documents and files.
  • Every email you’ve sent, received, deleted or archived in Gmail.

Google’s general privacy settings also focus on what data is shared with others. The settings for individual services, however, offer a degree of control over what data they can gather. These settings are scattered across the various services too numerous to list here, but here are a few to get you started:

What Facebook Knows

To see everything Facebook knows about you, download your Facebook data here. This data includes:

  • Every text or audio message and every file you’ve ever sent or been sent, via Facebook
  • All the contacts in your phone, if you use the mobile app, and grant it access
  • All the audio messages you’ve ever sent or been sent
  • Where you’ve been, assuming you’re using the mobile app, and have granted it permission to access location services, and that location services themselves are enabled
  • Advertisements you’ve clicked
  • Websites and apps you’ve used via your Facebook login

Facebook’s privacy settings control over what they share about you publicly, and not necessarily what data they gather. Manage your Facebook privacy settings here.

For more information, please read DoIT’s blog post.

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Go Big: Big Read at the Andersen Library

As we proceed through April, the Big Read continues its strong presence here at the Andersen Library! This month long event, created in partnership between the National Endowment for the Arts and Arts Midwest, encourages communities to come together and engage in deeper conversations that are prompted by a good book.

The theme for this year’s Big Read is ‘Fiction and Native Justice’, depicting individuals’ native to their country and hardships they’ve endured. Of the 32 titles listed by the NEA, public libraries of South-Central Wisconsin chose The Round House by Louise Erdrich.

Mirroring the efforts of the surrounding communities, the Andersen Library offers a place for staff and students to discuss The Round House, by Louise Erdrich, and explore the themes that it discusses.

A student-created, student-led book group will meet for a final time on April 19, from 6:00pm – 7:00pm in the Andersen Library.

Student Group poster

Staff members of the Andersen Library participate in their own book club every Tuesday, concluding on May 1.

Offering an alternative title by Louise Erdrich, Ellen Latorraca leads a student discussion of The Birchbark House, which will meet for a final time on April 17 from 3:30pm – 4:30pm.

Student Discussion Group poster

Relating closely to the themes of Native Justice, a film screening of the documentary The Burden of Silence was scheduled in Hyland Hall 1000, April 14, from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m, but the whether disallowed for the scheduled screening. This film depicts the struggle of Donna Erikson, a native Alaskan woman, as she opens up about being a sexual assault survivor.

The Burden of Silence Image

Lastly, going “big” starts young. The Andersen Library will be hosting a story time and craft session for young children (accompanied by supervision) featuring ‘Thunder Boy Jr.’ by Sherman Alexie.

Thunder Boy Jr Image

For those interested in participating in Big Read events, but unsure of what is offered, feel free to visit the Young Auditorium’s website at, to find nearby events, or visit the National Endowment for the Arts Big Read website at to find titles that may inspire you!

Also, make sure to visit our big display case in the back of the library.  Created in honor of the Big Read, it is filled with books written by Louise Erdrich and other novels dealing with the theme of Fiction and Native Justice, and all titles are available to check out!  Be sure to get involved, because it only takes is a couple of people and a good book to have fun and learn more about the world around us.

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