Focused at Crunch Time?

Technology can be both a blessing and a curse. We’re always connected to e-mail, social networking, text messages, Twitter, the news, sports scores – all on your smartphone, laptop, netbook, tablet, or electronic device. Do you have a hard time focusing when it comes time to put your nose to the grindstone and study for exams or write papers? From what it sounds like, if you answered yes, you’re not alone. However, new research indicates that coming to the library may be the solution to providing the necessary tunnel vision to accomplish your tasks. Research being done as part of Project Information Literacy is finding that students that venture to the library during crunch time still utilize technology, but they’re able to distract themselves from the distraction [like sneaking onto Facebook and losing part of your life]. There’s plenty more in the study, so take a look at it yourself!

Balancing Act: How College Students Manage Technology
While in the Library during Crunch Time
By Alison J. Head, PhD and Michael B. Eisenberg, PhD

Thanks to Renee in the LTC for the link!

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