St. Paddy’s Day: A Look at the Numbers

As I walked up to the library this morning, I was reminded by the sea of green that it’s St. Patrick’s Day. And then I got an interesting e-mail from one of my favorite information sources, Passport Reference & Markets. Their representative put together some information about Ireland and its beer consumption*, a prevalent activity on this day.

Market Size Data – Sector Level Analysis

Company & Brand Share Data

Sector Analysis

You can access the data and analysis on Ireland and over seventy other countries from Passport References & Markets. There also plenty of other information sources on countries available on our Selected Resources for Research on Countries and Sources of Business Information: Countries guides.

*posted with permission from the publisher

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2 Responses to St. Paddy’s Day: A Look at the Numbers

  1. Not totally sure why you posted these stats? It’s interesting to note though how legislation changes and prices matter in alcohol consumption. Maybe if we didn’t have a bunch of whiny ass kids going to school on their parents bill we’d see less of a social need to consume. I’m honestly sick and tired of having to drink with everyone and go to bars where you can’t even hear the person next to you in order to “have a good time”. Then waking up the next day at noon with a headache of massive praportion.
    I mean, we’re in college… you’d think it’d be easier to find smart individuals around here, but instead we’re home to the moron who took 15 or 16 years to graduate. Theory of idiocracy… here we come!!!

  2. kyle says:

    @caleb – i posted them because i wanted to highlight our subscription to passport reference & markets in a more light-hearted manner. i’m not condoning or condemning the practices of today.

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