Friday Fun: Book cakes

Screen shot of the Flavorwire 30 cakes blog postI’ve posted about books and food before (Books & Bites), but this time we’re going way past just combining recommendations for books and food! Take a gander at 30 Gorgeous & Delicious Literary Cakes at

The folks at Flavorwire scoured the Internet for these after seeing the post “Check this out: Book cakes for the hungry reader” on EW’s Shelf Life blog. Yum! But I could never make any of these!

And with Spring Break starting, you may want to check out the titles that inspired the cakes! Search the HALCat for the titles to see if we have them.

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  1. Betsy Boop says:

    UW-Madison’s Memorial Library (728 State St, Madison) will host an edible book festival on Tues., April 16, from 4-6pm in Memorial Commons (Room 460)!!

    for more info see Edible Book Festival

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