Racquetball, Anyone?

No, not in the library, of course, but some of the Andersen librarians have been known to find their way to the racquetball courts in the Williams Center, armed with key strategies and techniques they picked up in Norton & Bryant’s Beginning Racquetball(2011). Who knows? By next semester they may even be able to move up to Championship Racquetball (Davis, 2011). How about some bowling at Warhawk Alley? Bowling Execution (Jowdy, 2009) will show you how you can gauge just the right amount of hook so as not to be shown up by those librarians that might be spotted at Warhawk Alley on certain Mondays. As far as we know, none have taken up pole vaulting, but it can be guaranteed that if one of them does, he or she will be intently watching some of the recent DVD additions such as World Class Pole Vault  (Championship Productions, 2010) and other coaching and sport DVD series recently added to HALCat.


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2 Responses to Racquetball, Anyone?

  1. Bille Holiday says:

    So, was whacking yourself in the back of the head one of the techniques you found in that book?? I still hope to come and observe someday…

  2. Ellen Latorraca says:

    Oh, we’re still studying up and haven’t yet gotten to the last chapter which deals with “court etiquette and interpreting the rules.” I’m pretty certain that whacking your opponent is frowned upon, but oneself, I’m not so sure. The USRA rules are somewhat ambiguous in this regard: “Contact with the racquet on the follow-through normally is not considered a hinder for either player.” So, if I whack the ball and subsequently my opponent or self on the follow-through, it’s fair play? Hopefully the chapter will clear this up!

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