Now THAT’S a Due Date

Just for a little bit of fun for the end of your week…

Are you one of those people that reads several books at a time? Or, worse yet, start a book and then put it down for several weeks or maybe months before returning to it? [Guilty as charged.] You might not want to do that with El Libro que No Puede Esperar [The Book That Cannot Wait]. If you do that, the words may not have waited around for you to finish taking them all in. Printed with disappearing ink, it comes in airtight packaging and begins to fade upon opening. The buyer has just about two months to read the contents before the words are all gone.

Something tells me that we won’t be buying a copy for our library… =)

Read the full story: Book printed in ink that vanishes after two months [Yahoo!]

Thanks to Becky for the link!

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  1. De says:

    I couldn’t find anywhere to buy the book. The web page comes up with a 404 error. Checked the publisher’s page and they didn’t mention the book either. Haha, the web site for the book has disappeared too.

  2. De says:

    Check this out:

    Scroll to the very bottom and you will see a screen shot of a twitter post. It has a translation underneath the image.

    A great find from a friend.

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