The Badgers devastating loss to the Florida Gators hit all of us Wisconsinites pretty hard. Although losing is never fun, there is a bitter sweet ending that comes with the loss, and that sweetness is the amazing careers that the four seniors had. Throughout their time at Wisconsin, Nigel Hayes, Vito Brown, Zac Showalter and Bronson Koenig went on some crazy journeys. They together combined for 115 wins, back-to-back final fours, three NCAA Tournament wins and four NCAA Tournament appearances. That’s crazy. The badgers are the only division one basketball team to have five Sweet Sixteen Appearances in the last 10 years. These seniors put forth an amazing effort in their last game as badgers. I personally think that these four players have been the greatest in showcasing what it means to be a badger. Each one of them has made an impact on their community and they really have their heads on straight. Koenig may be the most recognizable for his participation in the fight against the Dakota Access Pipe Line. He is a native American and he was very outspoken about the negative effects of the pipe line. He also visited the sites where people were protesting the pipe line and played basketball with many of the children there. Nigel Hayes is another recognizable badger because of his work with low income families in Madison. During the 2016-2017 football season, he held up a sign that asked people to donate to a PayPal account that funneled directly to the boys and girls club. He has also visited a the American Family Children’s Hospital a number of times. Zac Showalter and Vito have accompanied him to the hospital, and have made their fair share of appearances for children who are fighting for their lives. These seniors will be missed!

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