freddie owens Who remembers Freddie Owens? Once upon a time he was just a kid from Milwaukee, Wisconsin with a dream. A dream of playing college basketball. With the help of his friends and family his dreams came true, and he got the chance to play Division One basketball at the University of Wisconsin, under coach Bo Ryan. When he graduated from Wisconsin he realized his passion was coaching, and he started working with student athletes who had dreams much like himself. He would work with them to make sure they were on the right path. He wanted to work with many of the recruits directly, but he was a high school coach so there were certain NCAA rules that prohibited him from doing that. He has recently started the Milwaukee Coaching Association, a program that helps to better educate those that are working directly with the players. He says the main thing we need to focus on today is the importance of teamwork and unity. Today, to be recruited players must perform through two outlets; the AAU league and high school basketball. There is immense pressure put on young players to perform. Too many young players are only competing to succeed because they’re blinded by the limelight. They’re trying to individually claw their way to the top. What Owens wants to teach is that while being the best of the best will get you noticed, it’s certainly not the only way to get noticed. It’s also not conducive to the success of the team, because as all sports fans know; a team works best with multiple working parts. Owens is trying to instill this idea to the coaches that are working directly with these young players, and he already has a Facebook group with over 300 members in the city of Milwaukee. Way to go Freddie!

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