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I have to first start this post by saying I’m so proud to be a Northwestern fan, and I’m so glad they made it to their first big dance this year. That being said….. THEY GOT SCREWED.

Since when has it been ok to block a shot by reaching up and through the hoop? I cannot believe the refs didn’t make a call on the play, it seriously blows my mind. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Northwestern played Gonzaga in the second round of the NCAA tournament, and there was an obvious goaltending call that the refs missed. Some say that it wouldn’t have mattered if Northwestern would’ve got the call, but it was actually during a very critical time during the game.

I think it could’ve been a game changer. Northwestern had momentum and they were coming off of a run, cutting their deficit to five points. It should’ve been cut to three points, but instead grew to seven points because Northwestern’s coach ran onto the court complaining and earned a technical. It totally shifted the momentum of the Cats and what could have been a close game was widened to an easy win for Gonzaga.

Chris Collins commented on the no call afterwards, and was able to remain calm, although his season was over. “It would have been a three-point game. We had all the momentum, a guy puts his hand through the rim, it’s a very easy call in my opinion,” Collins said. “But it’s an honest mistake. Referees are human beings, they’re here for a reason because they’re outstanding officials and they made the calls. We have to live with them.”

Well said, but I’m still mad.

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