Before I rant about UNC lets talk about how this may have been the worst championship game of all time.

First of all we have two number one seeds in the final….that’s fun. Second, the game almost lasted longer than a football game. Why may you ask? Because the refs figured they couldn’t make a bad call if they just called everything. And by everything I mean EVERYTHING. Lastly whenever UNC, Kentucky or Kansas makes it to the championship it’s just no fun because it’s so expected.

Now on to more important matters, like a few of the many reasons why UNC is the worst. UNC is good at everything, which makes them an automatic target. People hate teams that win all the time, like Duke and Christian Laettner.

Their players automatically get looks just for having “North Carolina” attached to their names. There are tons of equally good players in division one basketball that don’t get the same looks or chances, simply because they’re not flashy.

What kind of basketball team has baby blue and white as there colors? I hate those colors for sports uniforms, they’re the least intimidating colors ever.


Lastly, I hate Roy Williams. He’s a goofy little worm.

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