Wisconsin beat Villanova! Thank God!

No one thought we could do it but, nevertheless, we persisted! I was in Florida at the time, watching the game with two of my friends who were both Nova fans. Granted I’d had a view drinks, I’ll admit I went a little over the top when we won. Here’s at recap of the last minutes of the game in case you missed it!

Nigel Hayes scored 19 points, dropping a layup in traffic with 11.4 seconds left, and Bronson Koenig shook off foul trouble and added 17 for the tournament-toughened Badgers. Senior Josh Hart scored 19 to lead the Wildcats, but the guard was bottled up and stripped by Wisconsin’s Ethan Happ and Vitto Brown on a drive in the final seconds. Brown then split two free throws with 4 seconds left, but Villanova struggled to corral the rebound and then couldn’t get off a final shot.

I feel I’ll remember this game because really no one thought the badgers wer capable of beating the Wildcats. Villanova was expected to go all the way, and were seen as a better team overall. They were the reigning champs, as they’d won the championship the previous year.

Head coach for the badgers, Greg Gard, said “it’s not about seeds, seeds don’t matter”. He then went on to talk about the importance of keeping your head in the game, and focusing in the present moment. “We have to win six games. Let’s start with these two this weekend.”



                                V– 63


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