Wisconsin Badgers guard Bronson Koenig (24) scores against Kentucky Wildcats guard/forward James Young (1) during Wisconsin-Kentucky men's basketball game at the NCAA Final Four Semifinal, Saturday, April 5, 2014,  at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel photo by Rick Wood/RWOOD@JOURNALSENTINEL.COM

Now that the tournament is over it’s time to turn to the NBA. A lot of players are being looked at, and getting ready for the upcoming NBA draft. Bronson Koenig has not said yet what he plans on doing next in his basketball career, but following a crazy four year career in Wisconsin, there must be a jersey with his name on it somewhere. I personally think that jersey will be for a team overseas.

Koenig hasn’t really been mentioned in discussion of the upcoming NBA draft, and personally I think he should be getting mentioned more. I think his size makes him an easy player to rule out when just looking at him from an outside view, but I think he has a lot to offer. When he first arrived at Wisconsin not many thought of him as a key player, until they saw him turn his jets on. He is also one of the best pressure shooters I’ve ever seen.

I think the fact that he plays for Wisconsin also makes it hard for him to gain recognition because Madison has a culture that limits flashiness. Very few times has a Wisconsin player had a giant pass that said “look at me”, unlike some of the big name NBA universities such as Kentucky, North Carolina and Kansas.

Realistically, Koenig will likely spend next season overseas. He’s sharpshooting point guard will garner a handful of workout invitations and maybe even a spot on a Summer League team, but the NBA doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Not yet at least. However, there is nothing wrong with playing across the pond. The immersion into a different culture can be really cool and entertaining. Plus it gives players and opportunity to continue playing the sport they love, and they get paid for it. I think that’s most likely where he’ll end up.

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